If You Have The Latest Java Update, Java SE 7 Update 51, Make Sure You Have ALL The Windows Updates Installed As Well, Esp. For ssd.jpl.nasa.gov

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.javabandaid
by Anura Guruge

You need Java to get orbital diagrams like this from JPL’s Small Body Database Browser.

Appears that you can get annoying ‘Permission Exceptions‘ with the latest Java if you don’t have all of the Windows 7 Updates installed as well.

This is what it appears. I could be wrong.

I was getting ‘Permission’ errors after updating to 7.51. Then I also happened to install all the Windows 7 updates from the last 2 months. Yes, this was on my backup PC. Once the Windows Updates were installed Java started working normally again. Could have been a coincidence. Yes, I had restarted PRIOR to installing the 7 Updates BUT that alone didn’t fix the Java permissions.

This was particularly annoying when trying to use the JPL Small-Body Database orbital model at ssd.jpl.nasa.gov.

For now it works. So just a heads up in case you run into this. Peace.

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