“Children’s Dentistry of the Lakes Region”, Gilford, N.H. — Our New Dentist For The Kids. Place Is Blinking Beautiful. Like A Theme Park!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access their yet again beautifully crafted, visually stimulating Website.

Click to access their yet again beautifully crafted, visually stimulating Website.

They even have a YouTube video

Click to access YouTube video.

Click to access YouTube video.

A quick perusal of any of the links cited above will tell you that I was in the hunt for a new dentist — for all of us. I had had it with the practice that we had all been going to for the last 7 years or more. They are OK, but it changed hands a few years ago and I just don’t like the ‘drill to your head‘ approach of the new dentists, especially when it comes to extorting money.

Not sure how Deanna found them. I think she put out a Facebook inquiry and hear about them.

We first went there in November and Teischan’s first words when we got there, once she managed to stop gaping and gasping in sheer amazement, was: ‘did we bring the camera?’

That alone captures it all. What was the last time you went to a doctor’s or dentist where a 8 year old wanted pictures of the waiting room?

I too was gob-smacked, though I can’t determine, even yet, whether it was because I was impressed or perturbed. It is like a ‘Bears in a New Hampshire Wonderland’ theme park. They put both (dear) ‘Clark’s Trading Post‘ and ‘Squam Lakes Natural Science Center‘ when it comes to their pervasive and very cute bear motif. They even have bear stools for kids to step on in the bathroom. I used to ‘work’ (and when it comes to me that is a word that has to be used with caution and care) at ‘BestBuy‘ Concord. I can assure you that BestBuy, Concord doesn’t have as many computer and TV screens in their store as these folks have in this practice. I had to take both kids in yesterday morning for filings and I put on SPF-45 just to get some protection from the radiation from all those screens! We won’t even mention the Xbox gaming stations and whatever. If you want to see technology don’t waste gas going to BestBuy in Concord, just swing by this practice. Our last practice, 7-8 years ago, prided themselves of having the most technologically advanced dental facility in the Lakes Region. Compared to this place, the old place looks like a backstreet operation in a third-world country!

Foot-operated drill of the kind we had in Ceylon when I was growing up.

Foot-operated drill of the kind we had in Ceylon when I was growing up.

Talking of third-world countries, that whole thing bothers me … and did so, in buckets, yesterday. The technology that they use to do a kid’s filling is mind boggling. In addition to the ultra-fast drills they use infrared heating guns and this, that and the other. And I think back to when I was a poor kid growing up in Ceylon. The dentist we used was Chinese. I think his name was ‘Boozey‘ — and I know that that had nothing to do with his drinking habits, of which I have no clue. He used a foot powered drill! But, I lucked out. I didn’t need any filings when I was a child. Forget x-rays. We didn’t have any. Now they use spacers to keep baby teeth apart, to provide adequate room for the adult teeth to come in. Spacers? We had none of that and thank God (whoever she may be) NO braces. But, I have better teeth than probably 90% of today’s 20 – 40 year olds. Yes, of course, part of that is genetical, and given that multiple U.S. dentist have claimed that I have teeth like a horse, I have to assume that I must have had a horse as an ancestor at some point. That would explain a lot.

267702The bubbling water glass panels that they have are a masterful touch (though I am not sure of their therapeutic, as opposed to aesthetic, value — as is the suspended, G-gauge, train set (though the pediatrician the two older kids had in Peterborough, NH, 25 years ago had a similar suspended layout, even BIGGER). I want one of those bubbling water panels. I was checking them out yesterday. Not sure where I can put it, but my brain is on it.

The people are very nice. Though yesterday was our third trip I can’t as yet make a total determination as to how good they are. We haven’t had any problems and given that the kids have got good dental insurance we haven’t, thank God (whoever that may be), seen any of the bills. Oh, they like to use nitrous oxide, a.k.a. laughing gas. That was new. Not sure it worked. Both kids had it and they didn’t even talk funny. Deanna (who was sick with a cold and didn’t go) wanted me to take a video of Devanee on laughing gas. I didn’t bother. Devanee was just Devanee with the gas.

So ….

If you need a kid’s dentist or just want to go look at bears, bubbling water panels and high-tech go check them out. You can even play on the Xbox stations for free, if you can work out the complexity. Way beyond my limited IQ level.

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