Anthem (N.H.) Insurance, Actually Their Subsidiary ‘Wellpoint’, FINALLY Charge My Credit Card For 1st Month Premium.

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Anura Guruge

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Thanks to N.H. Insurance Dept.

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++++ Search ‘Anthem’ for my new woes with damn ‘Anthem’ >>>>

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.

I have been checking everyday.

Finally this morning, January 22, 2014, I saw the above PENDING entry. Wellpoint, the Anthem subsidiary that takes care of N.H. The amount was correct.

The prior dates shown, viz. 01/21/2014 proves that I am talking about 01/22/2014 rather than an earlier date.

I am STILL not out of the woods though I am relieved. I made TWO (2) payments, both with this same credit card: the first on December 27, 2013 and the other on January 3, 2014, when that IDIOT INDIAN told me that there was no record of my Dec. 27 payment. He was wrong.

IF this is the December 27 payment, it has taken them
26 days to process it!

That has to be a record for a U.S. corporation in terms of processing time for a credit card transaction.

I saw some stuff on CNBC about Aetna and Obamacare that is making me very queezy. So the rates could be going up, dramatically, next year! ObamaCare might already be DEAD!

Click to access CNBC coverage.

Click to access CNBC coverage.

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