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Robert Burns Supper, January 25, Getting You Acquainted With The “Address To A Haggis”.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Robert Burns Birthday Post

Robert/Robbie Burns Supper in New Hampshire Post

As with ‘Hogmanay‘, the proper way to do ‘Auld Lang Syne‘ with crossed hands
and maybe even the wearing of Red Poppies for Remembrance Day
I kind of feel obliged, as a entrenched Brit, to make sure that you know the
proper way to celebrate the GREAT Robert Burns’ birthday
on January 25.

Hence these posts.

The “Address to the Haggis” is the centerpiece of any read Robert Burns Supper.

So let me help you out with these posts I found after some diligent Googling.


Excellent introduction. Click to access.

Check what the BBC has to say.


YouTube is full of 'Address to the Haggis' videos, BUT this is probably one of the most impressive. This guy is a national treasure. I was impressed. Click to access YouTube video.

YouTube is full of ‘Address to the Haggis’ videos, BUT this is probably one of the most impressive. This guy is a national treasure. I was impressed. Click to access YouTube video.

Laconia Mayor, Ed Engler, Editor Of ‘Laconia Daily Sun’, In Probable Freudian Slip, Refers to N.H. Senator Kelly Ayotte As ‘Tower’.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

.by Anura Guruge

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towerPoor (though that is but a figure of speech here) EdUniversity of WhalesEngler. He appeared to be always distracted at the best of times. But, now: editing a major newspaper and being mayor of a large city. That has to be a tad hard even for a Superman like Ed. Yes, I know Bloomberg did it with impunity, BUT New York City isn’t Laconia, and the ‘Daily Sun’ isn’t the Bloomberg Media Empire.

Yes, pagination has been a thorn in poor Ed’s side for as long as I can remember. You need to be alert to get you pagination right and as we have already said poor Ed has so many distractions. It wouldn’t be so bad IF he had any decent help, but from what I can tell, the redoubtable Michael Kitch is about the only one around to bail him out.

What a week for Ed. Started it off with the apology for recycling old news — though I really didn’t think that an apology was needed because I, for one, take it for granted that ‘The Sun‘ has to recycle news and print the same story multiple times to fill its pages.

But to call Senator Ayotte a ‘Tower‘! Confusing. I am sure it was Freudian and Ed probably had images of a rampant tower in his mind — akin to the very suggestive (and I will leave it at that) symbolism he used in his mayoral campaign signs. Given that Ed is a dyed in the wool Republican I don’t think he was trying, in any way, to disrespect the Senator. I think Ed was just caught up in his imagery of what crossed his mind when he thinks of the Senator. A tower.

Oh, there was another correction in this issue too. Not too serious this time.

Ed really should hire some help. Maybe get a bunch interns.


From Page 1. Click to ENLARGE. See pagination note at bottom. Doesn’t say ‘Tower’.

So this is what you get on Page 10. Can’t access the damn paper online anymore and I don’t want to bother Deanna to scan the paper.
Just as easy for me to click a picture, using a zoom, on my cheapo point-and-click.


And we also have this.

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.

I really hope, given that I like Laconia, that this habitual distraction doesn’t get in the way of mayoral duties. ‘The Sun’ is one thing, messing up things in Laconia would be a whole different ball game. And, Ed, PLEASE. Don’t nod off during the meetings. I think the meetings are televised and that always looks real bad. Drink a lot of coffee.

Boston Chinatown Holding Marketplace, ‘Lucky Flower Market’, January 27 – 30 For Chinese New Year 2014 Shopping.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.2014yearhorseaghny

Anura Guruge

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Click to access 'Chinatown Boston' Webpage.

Click to access ‘Chinatown Boston’ Webpage.

From what I can see this is for those that want to stock up for the 2014 Chinese New Year, the ‘Year of the Horse‘, and get all the necessary flowers, mementos, gifts and foodstuff.

There will be a dragon dance on January 27, at 9 am, for the opening ceremonies. The market should be fun. If you are local you should definitely go and visit.

I can confirm that the 2014 festivities,
as I have already posted, will be on Sunday,
February 9, 2014.

Is Pope Francis Pitting God Against Al Gore As To Who Invented The Internet?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access coverage from the UK 'The Independent' or Google for other sources.

Click to access coverage from the UK ‘The Independent’ or Google for other sources.

Where is Al Gore?

I hope he is enjoying this Global Warming induced heat wave we are enjoying.

But, as to the Internet.

I think, and as I have mentioned I was the Principal Consultant at BBN a company that provided much of the initial technology for the Internet, that Al Gore probably does have better claims for having invented the Internet than God — though even Al’s claim is pretty lame.

I am the first to admit, though I have a veritable army of Catholics, including a number of priests, who try to educate me on an ongoing basis, this God stuff confuses the heck out of me. Amazes me the number of times I am told that my name got mentioned in Catholic Mass! I am humbled. 

I thought everything was a ‘Gift from God. Have I got that wrong? See, I told you. I don’t get this stuff.

Given that I am somewhat open minded lets kick this around. If the Internet is indeed a ‘Gift from God’ what was God doing when poor Galileo was being put to the sword by the Vatican? Ooops! I just worked it out. God was buy creating the Internet while Galileo was on trial. I can understand. Creating the world, us, the universe and all of that in a week was probably nothing compared to creating the Internet. I doubt whether even God could have created the Internet in a week. I think it took Al Gore at least 4 years.

Francis, though I do like him, has this propensity for saying the most inane things — such as ‘Rugby is a gentle sport’!

Maybe not as much now, BUT what was the Internet’s PREDOMINANT use during its first two decades of existence.

Sex and Porn.

So God, in his infinite wisdom, gifted us the ultimate tool for pursuing porn?

Don’t tell anyone but I even know that Catholic priests use the Internet for checking out porn!
So this is ‘a Gift of God’.

Though he (maybe it a she) totally and utterly confounds me, I like God — just like I like Francis. I have always thought that God has one heck of a sense of humor. This is another example. He gives man, and I use that quite intentionally, ‘The Internet’, the ultimate tool for indulging in porn and self-gratification. Way to GO GOD.

Maybe, I got this wrong. Maybe Al Gore was God’s gift. That would make much more sense. So God wanted us to have the Internet, so we could have easier access to porn, and to make that happen gifted us Al Gore.

God sure works in mysterious ways.