Mahatma Gandhi’s Funeral Took Place The Day Before Ceylon Independence Day, February 4, 1948!

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by Anura Guruge

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I did NOT know this!

To be honest, though I, of course, knew of the tragic assassination (and I have watched the movie at least thrice) I would not have been able to tell you exactly WHEN that pivotal event happened. It was January 30, 1948. I knew it was shortly after Indian independence in August 1947.

Today, for the heck of it, I was browsing through Google’s very disappointing (in that it is slapshot and inadequate) Newspaper Archive looking for stories of Ceylon’s independence when I saw the headlines and picture (below) in an Indian Newspaper from Madras. I was shocked. I had no idea.

Wow. I wonder how many Sri Lankans know this. The irony. Ceylon gets Independence 4 days after the Mahatma is assassinated. Wow.

I will in future never think of Ceylon Independence
WITHOUT connecting it with the Mahatma’s untimely passing.

Yes, I admire him greatly and think of his sayings, often, especially about respecting the labors of others.

Click to access 'Indian Express' from the Google Newspaper archive.

Click to access ‘Indian Express’ from the Google Newspaper archive.

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