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MacDurgin Business Systems Declared Bankruptcy In July 2013 With Liabilities Of $677,943!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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Wow. I had no idea. I have been to the pawn shop, ‘Capital City Pawnbrokers‘ (which has a lot of interesting stuff), twice since December and I never heard from them. They keep on talking about the Landlady. Hhhhmmm.

I also met, at my Comet ISON presentation in Laconia, somebody who had worked there since Day 1 — and left a couple of years ago. He never mentioned bankruptcy. Maybe he thought it wasn’t important. He did say that the new owner still owed a monthly payment installment to Cindy Macfarlane — the prior owners widow. I hope Cindy did not get burned. She did not deserve that. She is a gentle soul who I don’t think ever did anybody any intentional wrong.

Wow. $677,943 in liabilities. Wow. Who were the suckers that were putting up all that money. Wow. Wow. Wow.

In 2003 a number of people who worked for MacDurgin would ask me, repeatedly … 1/ Why I didn’t buy it … & 2/ To buy it because they thought it would be fun if I owned it.

While I kind of had to agree with #2, my stock answer to #1 was ‘because I am not totally stupid … just partially stupid’.

Well, well, well.

As ever with all bankruptcies my heart goes out to the poor lenders who got burned.

Enough said. Just hope Cindy, who was a good friend to us, and gave us a wedding present that still has pride of place in our bedroom wall, wasn’t burnt.

Will Google Do Another Google Doodle For Sri Lanka Independence Day — i.e., A New One For 2014?

… ..

by Anura Guruge

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Not as yet … See update post.

You know the saying ‘success has many fathers, failure is an orphan‘. So, last year many people tried to claim credit for getting a Google Doodle for Sri Lanka Independence Day, though Google and I both know that it was MY request that they heeded. Check out the Google rankings on all of the other clowns. Google knows me. But, that is history. 

The real question now is will they do another Google Doodle for Sri Lankan Independence for February 4, 2014?

I did not request one. Google has some powerful calendaring tools. They know when the anniversaries are, after they do the first one.

I wasn’t sure whether they do new Google Doodles each year. So I checked.

Sure enough they have done multiple Doodles for India, Mexico and Latvia … just to pick a FEW. So, Sri Lanka could, and maybe should, expect another in 2014.

Lets wait and see.



Click on images to access Google’s Doodle Archive for those Doodles.

Strathspey & Reel Society of New Hampshire: We Went To The Jan. 27 Gathering In Concord. A Sheer Delight.


by Anura Guruge

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Everybody was game, wanted to go, we had no other conflicts — so Teischan (with some hindrance from Devanee) baked a chocolate cake and we went Sunday afternoon. We got to Wall Street, Concord around 1:30 but just could not get into the ‘Concord Community Music School‘. No signs — paper or of any activity. So we retreated to McDonalds for sustenance and mainly for Wi-Fi. That we invariably have an Android pad helps. Deanna found that there is a back parking lot and entrance on Fayette St. That was the secret.

Glad we went. It was delightful. There was even a bonus. Incredibly talented Katie McNally was the guest instructor for that gathering. I knew her from the Highland Games.

Click to access this beautifully crafted and very inviting Website.

Click to access this beautifully crafted and very inviting Website.

The music was good and we sat at the back; I, with a McDonald’s coffee in my hand, thinking you sure can’t beat this as a way to spend a cold New Hampshire Sunday in January. Here is the funny thing. At the break one of the performers said the same thing back to ME. Bingo. A wonderful way to spend a cold Sunday. Great, very friendly people. Made us feel very welcome. We are hooked. We are fans — not that we weren’t already.

Katie McNally leading the workshop.

Some of the instruments …

The Jam session after the tea break was a LOT of fun.
Some great evocative music.
I loved it. Thanks folks.

Katie McNally YouTube video.
Plenty more on YouTube.

Click to access.

Click to access.

Chinese New Year 2014 (Year of the Horse): Free Gala Event At University of New Hampshire (UNH), Durham, This Week.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.2014yearhorseaghny

Anura Guruge

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Click either image to access UNH event information including FREE tickets.

I happened to find this, serendipitously, last night.
I am always on the look out to see if and when places in New Hampshire,
as opposed to Boston,
will start celebrating Chinese New Year.

This is wonderful news. Bravo, UNH.

Bravo The Confucius Institute at UNH (CI-UNH).

Looks very impressive and compelling. Furthermore the price is just right.

UNH is doing this gala in conjunction with Chengdu University (CDU)
in China
and the Chinese Hanban cultural institute.

So they will have TOP artist from both the U.S. and China.

Check out the program

Two performances: Wednesday, Jan. 29 and Thursday, Jan. 30.

Take the kids. This will be entertaining and educational.

Boston, watch out. Here comes UNH.