Will Google Do Another Google Doodle For Sri Lanka Independence Day — i.e., A New One For 2014?

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by Anura Guruge

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Not as yet … See update post.

You know the saying ‘success has many fathers, failure is an orphan‘. So, last year many people tried to claim credit for getting a Google Doodle for Sri Lanka Independence Day, though Google and I both know that it was MY request that they heeded. Check out the Google rankings on all of the other clowns. Google knows me. But, that is history. 

The real question now is will they do another Google Doodle for Sri Lankan Independence for February 4, 2014?

I did not request one. Google has some powerful calendaring tools. They know when the anniversaries are, after they do the first one.

I wasn’t sure whether they do new Google Doodles each year. So I checked.

Sure enough they have done multiple Doodles for India, Mexico and Latvia … just to pick a FEW. So, Sri Lanka could, and maybe should, expect another in 2014.

Lets wait and see.



Click on images to access Google’s Doodle Archive for those Doodles.

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