Discovery Channel ‘Klondike’ Failed To Hold Our Attention Or Interest. Pretty Flaccid. Awful Sound Quality.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
by Anura Guruge

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Click to access Discovery Channel page for the series.

Click to access Discovery Channel page for the series.

We are BIG fans of the ‘Discovery Channel‘. We watch quite a few of their shows, recorded before hand, of course, to miss the interminable commercials, during our ‘family TV’. And you can see, above, that we raved about their ‘Africa’ and ‘North America’ series.

So when I saw the dramatic trailers for ‘Klondike’ I was intrigued and even mildly excited. I knew it wasn’t for the kids, but I wanted to watch it. Deanna showed some interest too. Having finished Irving Stone’s monumental ‘Men to Match My Mountain‘ I have acquired a whole new interest in gold rushes. So, I thought Klondike would also be educational and add to my knowledge base. So, I recorded the first two episodes.

We watch episode one, in lieu of a movie, spread over 2 nights. Yes, of course, some awesome footage of Alaskan scenery — but there is no shortage of that today on Discovery, Destination Channel, Travel, Nat. G etc. So, it was beautiful and vivid, but nothing totally new. The audio was garbage. They were trying to be clever and cute. There was ALWAYS some background music even when there was dialog. So much of the time you couldn’t catch what they were saying because the music was in the way! Drove us nuts.

The story line was too contrived and in parts shoddy. It was not compelling. At the end of episode 1 we both agreed that it was a waste of time and I deleted the other episode. I haven’t seen any new trailers. But, that was it for us. I am sure that must be those that like it. Bully for them.

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