Kudos to ‘Home Depot’ & ‘Kroger’ For Helping Out In Atlanta, Georgia During Their Snow Storm. ‘Home Depot’ Is A Class Act.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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I am, and have been for at least a decade, a HUGE fan of Home Depot.

I flirted with Lowes, because there was one closer to home when I lived in Gilford,
but realized to my cost, that other than for LIGHTING, Lowes is vastly
inferior to Home Depot in every way.

I am glad to see how they rallied around the community.

This is what I expect from Home Depot.

Bravo and Thank YOU.

They are a great company. I can’t remember them ever doing anything truly bad.
They had to go and check with a supervisor.

It is a SHAME, however, that Ken Langone, one of the three co-founders,
is such an obnoxious, pompous, bigoted, racist pain in the neck.
I was amazed to discover that he is Catholic.
He acts like he is from another religious persuasion.

But, Langone, is history.

Home Depot is the future.

Also ‘Kroger’. We don’t have any around. I am impressed.

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