A Very Scary Picture Of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, That Makes Cruella de Vil Look Friendly. Wow.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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From ‘International Business Times’ (IBT) in the U.K. Click to access IBT photo gallery.

Though, in my old age, I am a devoted Royalist, albeit 99% to JUST my Queen, I have mixed feeling about these two.

Charles worries me. I have always felt queasy about him after his puerile and very sick ‘I want to be a tampon‘ remark.
I do know he is a fairly decent man and tries to do good.
Yes, I am conflicted about him.

Yes, I would rather he didn’t become King.
<< I would also rather not have THE ONE who
doesn’t have any Royal blood. >>

As for Camilla — I am conflicted too.
I don’t detest her as much as others did.

I can actually UNDERSTAND what Charles saw in her!

Yes, I am weird too.

Being photogenic is a gift and a blessing.

Camilla, alas, like I, doesn’t have it.

My adoptive mother was the epitome of photogenic.
It was amazing. A miracle.
Though there are thousands of pictures of her,
many taken by news photographers,

you will never find one where you looks even half bad.
It is a gift.

I feel bad for Camilla.

No wonder Charles looks haunted. Just imagine waking up next to that face
— sans makeup.

Maybe Charles had it right. Might be safer to be somewhere else where he can’t see her face!

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