GoDaddy Super Bowl ‘I Quit’ Ad: Rather Than Some Poor Woman I Would Have Preferred Their Ineffective New CEO Blake Irving To Quit.


Anura Guruge

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Click to access original. Google for plenty of other coverage.

I think the world of GoDaddy founder, ex-CEO and now Executive Chairman, Bob Parsons. When Bob was in charge, hands-on, GoDaddy was a much different company to what it is now.

The bane of GoDaddy.

Exactly a year ago HIS OFFICE helped me out, tremendously, the day the old pope resigned — and I even heard that Bob was keeping an eye on my blog to see that I was OK. That is what you expected from GoDaddy. I was more than happy to sing their praises — as was what they deserved.

I have been with GoDaddy since at least 2002 — maybe even earlier. I know 2002 for a fact because GoDaddy in my life predated Deanna. There was a time when I easily spent over $1,500 a year on GoDaddy services. Plus, over the years, I would beseech folks to transfer their domain name registrations to GoDaddy.

In the last nine months GoDaddy seems to be going out of their way to upset me — and this puzzles me because they are unlikely to have somebody who was as loyal to them as I was.

Yes, we have ALL experienced the never-ending slow e-mail issues, though to be fair it hasn’t been too bad for the last five weeks or so.

I crossed the Rubicon vis-à-vis GoDaddy with their new Online File Folder, i.e., Online Storage (you know ‘the cloud’), and the need for the additional login. GoDaddy basically refused to even acknowledge the problem. They basically told me: “tough titties. Go screw yourself”. I even went, reluctantly (since I don’t like to bother them), to Bob Parson’s office. Whereas they had bent over backwards helping me out, way beyond my expectations, just a few months earlier — this time around they did NOT CARE. I switched to Google Drive — and think it is one of the BEST decisions I made in 2013. I love — no, no, I ADORE — Google Drive. And it is FREE. I cancelled the $19.99 (or whatever) subscription I had had with GoDaddy for over a decade!

That got the ball rolling. The die was cast. If I was not happy I was no longer going to put up with GoDaddy. Since then I have cancelled, as far as I can remember: 2 hosting accounts and one e-mail account. Yes, I fully appreciate that I am NO LONGER a BIG customer of theirs — but I had been a very loyal customer for a very long time.

I lay all this blame squarely at the feet of Blake Irving.

I am also sure that Bob Parsons’ must know that this guy is doing to HIS company. All I can think is that Irving must have some really, really, really INCRIMINATING photos of Bob Parsons with …. — and the mind boggles as to the nature of these pictures given Bob’s already, very colorful reputation. There is no other explanation. This guy has been bad news for GoDaddy — in my opinion.

So, if I had my wish, the person who should quit their job tonight, on Super Bowl, with a big splash, is Blake Irving.

Hey, Mr. Parsons. Here is an idea for a ‘ZERO PRODUCTION COST’ commercial that will get you a lot of publicity. FIRE Blake Irving on the air.

I wish Bob all the best. He deserves it. Blake Irving should go pound sand.

P.S., Check how GoDaddy has been implicated in a MAJOR Web hack.

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