Ceylon Independence Day, February 4, 1967 With Lord Louis Mountbatten: British Pathé Film Clip Showing William Gopallawa, Governor General.

The main film clip.

… ..

by Anura Guruge

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Click to access film clip at British Pathe.

Click to access film clip at British Pathe.

I am trying, as explained yesterday, to put together as much
of a collection of

Ceylon Independence Day
memorabilia here on this blog.

1967 was my last year in Ceylon.
I left on August 27, 1967
and since then have not spent much time at all in
Ceylon/Sri Lanka.

I became a British citizen on
September 27, 1982
having lived in Britain since
August 1969.


I do not remember this 1967 Independence Day Parade.

That bothers me. I know it is old age.

Lord Louis Mountbatten is in my personal pantheon of heroes
alongside Mandela, Churchill, Gandhi, Gagarin, Lincoln, Grant, Thatcher et. al.

C’est la vie.

Happy Independence Day.

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