‘Red Hot Chilli Pipers’ Blew The Roof Off The ‘Capitol Center for the Arts’ In Concord, N.H. On Thursday Night, February 6.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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They truly rocked in every sense of the word.
They had the , average age 40+, crowd on their feet bopping
— Deanna in the lead.

Yes, as is expected, and taken for granted by the kids,
we had center, front-row seats

— which made the experience even grander.

It was a throbbing, internal organ shaking, but never disconcordant,
non-stop, pounding barrage of Bag-Rock.

A solid wall of sound: pipes, snare, heavy 6-string bass, rhythm guitar, keyboard and percussion.

For the second time in a week, at a concert,
I felt very proud to be British

— not that I ever need any excuses to feel proud about being British.

Click images to ENLARGE to full size.

Whatever you might say about me you can’t honestly deny that I do not know my pipe bands. I have been following pipe and drum bands, avidly, for two decades. So, I know when I see a good one — and these lads definitely qualify. The piping is definitely up there. Top tier (or at least pretty damn close to it). The young (and per the girls, the very cute) snare drummer, supposedly an eight-time world champion, with the fastest hands in Scotland, was amazing. Very, very good. Having actually played in a marching drum band I know a good snare when it starts to rap. He was good. The drummer was excellent. Very talented as was the 6-string bass player — who gave the impression that he was so competent that he could do this in his sleep (or even more inebriated that the one bottle of Scotch that he is supposed to consume before the show). Actually IF I may be bold enough to add a suggestion: these lads would be EVEN BETTER if they let their hair down a bit more! Wow. Yes, for a band from Glasgow (with an ex-Pat, from all places, Minnesota), this group is very professional. A tad too clinical. SORRY. That is good. They will NEVER do a bad or even a sub-par concert. They will always put on a good show — according to their script. Enough said. not really a criticism.

Here is MY ultimate accolade to them. As a well-know, “Seven Nations” devotee (who has seen them in action since 1998), I tend to grade all the bag-rock groups relative to them. Well, the Red Hot Chilli Pipers were so good in Concord that I will forgo that comparison and just say that they deserve to stand on their own. Bravo.

Red Hot Chilli Pipers are on tour in the U.S. — playing New York tonight and tomorrow etc. Check out the dates and make sure to catch them. You will thank me for that recommendation.

Thank YOU “William Gile” Trust for this free concert.

The three “William Gile” trust committee members that introduced the show. Thank you. Great job.

I could NOT believe that there were empty seats. Yes, I know it was cold.
But, these lads deserved a packed house — and so did the trust.
But, c’est la vie.

Those of us who were there were in for a TREAT.

Thank YOU, ALL.

More pictures soon. Promise.

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