‘Cirque Du Soleil’ Varekai (Whimsical Forest Show) Coming To Manchester, N.H. In June 2014.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Well as a family, or at a minimum the kids and I, decided last year, after we saw our first Cirque circus, Mystère in Las Vegas, that we were going to try and see as many Cirques as was possible and within our very limited means. Well last year we also got to see ‘Dralion‘ — this time in Manchester.

Yesterday, I got an e-mail that ‘Varekai‘ is coming to Manchester in June. Well, as I see it, we don’t have a choice. We have to GO — even if I have to get a loan to afford the tickets. The tickets are actually on pre-sale right now — albeit through the duplicitous ‘Ticketmaster‘. I refuse to buy tickets from them because it is but a blatant ripoff. It really is cheaper for us to drive to Manchester and get the tickets at the Box Office than pay those crooks their exorbitant mark-ups. So I now need to rustle up some money. Actually despite my ever desperate pecuniary straits I might get a couple of additional tickets! I think every kid deserves to see a good circus. So I might take a couple of other ‘kids’ in tow — like we did when we went to see the ‘Red Hot Chilli Pipers‘ (though in that case the tickets were FREE).

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