Chinese New Year 2014 Celebrations, Feb. 9, In Boston Chinatown: It Was A BLAST! The Pictures …

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.2014yearhorseaghny

Anura Guruge

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Of course we went.
It takes a full force Boston blizzard to keep us away.

Beautiful day. Some sun and blue skies as we drove into Boston.
For us it, at 38º F, felt subtropical
(though we didn’t hang around outside too much).

We left Alton, N.H. around 9:40 am (10 minutes behind schedule).
We were parked, for free, a few blocks from Chinatown by 10:15.
We got to Chinatown by 10:20 and even got to see the ‘Kick Off Ceremony’.

The parades started around 10:30 — and I do mean parades as in plural,
as there were two — coming at each other at right angles.
We managed to get pictures of both head-on.

As usual very amiable and low-key. No hustling. All very composed.
People all very nice. Heavy Boston Police presence, the most I have seen,
but they stay in the background and there isn’t even a whiff of disorderliness.

Very invigorating. I feel rejuvenated —
which I needed, six weeks after the Jan. 1 celebrations.

Of course, we went to the ‘China Pearl’ for Dim Sum.
We lucked out. We were at the top of the stairs by about 10:50.
More below.

Click images to ENLARGE.

Dim Sum at our favorite: the ‘China Pearl’.

It was pretty crowded. The addition of 3-4 tables with New Years
merchandize, right by the entrance, making the standing room
even tighter. There were three groups, 2 Chinese before us.
All three groups were sent upstairs and they all trotted off — happy.

When it came to us, I flashed on my smile and said we wanted a table downstairs.
She said: ‘Fine. No problem. Just wait a second’. We got a nice table right
opposite the kitchen and the fixed buffet. Perfect.

It was very good. They had the place beautifully decorated.
Very festive.

For the 4 of us it came to $69.xx. Just under $70 and then a 15% tip.
Par for the course. I estimate $16 per head. So it was close.
Actually we got two servings of ‘sticky rice’ to bring home since
Teischan loves it. So no complaints.

More Pictures Of The Parades,
Sunday, February 9, 2014.

Click to access …


Even MORE pictures ….

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