The February 13, 2014, Pre-Valentine’s Day, Nor’easter Snowstorm — Wasn’t Bad Compared To 2013 Blizzard.

February 8, 2013 blizzard.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Relishing the shoveling. This is how I want to be remembered when I am gone. Shoveling snow with abandon.

Earlier in the morning. I do the top part which has all the snow thrown up by the Town snow plows. Devanee does the lower part, which is just the snow that fell from the sky.

I am done, or thought I was done. Had to widen it a bit when I tried THE TEST — viz. getting the van out.

Success! That is the first goal. Be able to get the van out so that we are not stuck. Everything else can follow after that.

I wasn’t even going to try shovel out the mailbox today. That will be tomorrow’s exercise. Will take about 80 minutes. So put out a temporary mailbox so that the mailman doesn’t have to get out. I was at the door when he pulled up. I liked it!

This picture shows how much build-up we get by the road — from what is pushed back from the road by the Town Plows.

In the overall scheme of things it could have been much worse.

We have seen more snow than this, e.g., the blizzard just over a year ago or the storm that came on its heels.

I am so glad that we didn’t lose power. Thank YOU, PSNH.

Last night around 11:30 pm it started sleeting like crazy. I was working and I could hear the sleet rattling on the windows screens. And the wind was howling. I kept on waiting for the power to go.

It didn’t.

The sleet did, as was to expected, create a layer over the snow that had to be cracked.

Once I got going it wasn’t bad. Did 70 minutes first time around and thought that I was done. Devanee shoveled for about an hour — starting about 25 minutes after I started.

Once I got showered I wanted to make sure that I could get the van out. Deanna was convinced that I hadn’t made the hole at the very top wide enough. She was right. So I had to get out and do a quick 5 minutes of rapid-fire shoveling in my sweats and walking shoes. Not a problem. It was around 26°F (-3.3°C) and coming from Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) I am used to that. I can shovel snow in 26°F bare chested if I needed to. This is why I am puzzled that there is NO Sri Lankan representation at the Sochi Winter Olympics. We are SO good in the snow.

We, i.e., Devanee and I, will be shoveling for the next 2 days — maybe 3.

Tomorrow I will clear out the mailbox. The snow is at its highest and heaviest there — since 40% of it is snow thrown up by the Plow Trucks. I estimate that it will take me 80 minutes. Wonderful exercise.

I really do feel bad for folks that don’t get a chance to get out there are shovel. Of course it is not as good as sex, but in terms of satisfaction, it is very rewarding. Yes, of course, given a choice I would love to die having sex (though Deanna will probably shout at me for dying on the job), but barring that keeling over while shoveling snow would be a fitting end. Given that I have donated my body to ‘science’ they can’t do anything with the shovel, BUT maybe Devanee will, one day, IF I manage to get my skeleton preserved — hang one of my favorite, red-handled snow shovels (and she knows the type I buy) from my hand!

More pictures of the storm later. Promise. NOW I must do some work on ‘the book’. It is DONE. Doing the proofs.

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