2000 EM26 Which Hopefully Streaked Past The Earth At A 2.1 Million Mile Separation Was NOT SPOTTED!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
Anura Guruge

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They set out to spot it, telescopically, in 2006 and 2009 and failed.

They failed again this year, i.e., 2014, though in astronomical terms, it was again close to Earth.

It has an orbital period around the Sun of 8.9 months.

Its perihelion is at 0.43 AU while its aphelion is at 1.2 AU. As the orbital diagram to the right shows, it is in a tight, compact orbit, around the Sun, that takes it a bit further out than the orbit of Earth and stays outside the orbit of Mercury.

IF it is still there we will continue to have close, but not fatal, encounters on a regular basis for centuries to come. Its orbit might start to get degraded by then with the repeated gravitational interplays with Earth.

Too much should not be read into it not being spotted this year. It is very small and dark [i.e., dim — in that it doesn’t reflect much sunlight]. Yes, it could have disintegrated or got nudged into another orbit. In the case of the later it would be useful to spot it again. Possible that it has been spotted as a different asteroid. That can happen. As I have said for the last 18 months it is NOT the asterids that we KNOW about that we need to be worried about. None of them, and forget Government conspiracies, is set to hit us. It is the ones that we don’t know about that pose the risks.

A YouTube video that talks about 2000 EM26
and today’s attempts to spot it.

Click to access YouTube video.

Click to access YouTube video.


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