Forget 2000 EM26. That Is History For Now. Much Smaller 2014 BR57 Will ‘Graze By’, Feb. 20, At Half The Distance!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
Anura Guruge

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Click to access JPL Small-Body Database.

Click to access JPL Small-Body Database.

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Click to access MPC data.

2014 BR57 is much smaller than yesterday’s 2000 EM26 — actually 2.7 times SMALLER. So that puts it around 327′ — ONE football field across. Still pretty big. It could definitely wipe the smile off your face IF it were to hit Earth close to you.

But, here is the good news. It won’t! Promise.

It will, however, graze-by Earth at HALF the separation of what 2000 EM26 supposedly did last night — thought it was not spotted streaking by. Doesn’t mean it isn’t out there. Just that we can’t find it because it is so ‘small’ and dim.

2014 BR57 which was ONLY discovered a month ago, yes on January 17, 2014, will be at a 1.05 Million mile separation on Thursday, February 20, 2014 when it gets closest to Earth on this orbit.

It has a slightly larger orbit than 2000 EM26 — with an orbital period of 19 months. But it doesn’t go very close to the Sun. Instead its perihelion, at 0.82 AU, is in between the orbital paths of Earth and Venus. So we will continue to have encounters with this little sucker for years to come. No danger of it hitting Earth in the foreseeable future. Promise. I kid you not.

This is what I said last year in my (still ‘popular’) “big black” 99 cent Comet ISON book.


Do not worry.
This is the CLOSEST KNOWN encounter till the end of April 2014.
Isn’t it exciting? 

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