This Blog, My ‘’, Crosses The 250,000 Hit Mark; Did So On Valentine’s Day 2014.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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As hobbies go it could be much more expensive — especially in my case.

Costs me nothing, other than my time, since ‘’ is genuinely FREE. Thank YOU again ‘’. In reality it is even turning into an hobby that has some return. Met some really great people through my blogs — especially my still rampant ‘popes and papacy’ blog. Just checked: 633,390 hits.

I am NOT going to count all my hits again. Did that on December 2, 2013. Had 1,201,575 hits from JUST 4 of my (many, many … many) blogs. Well I have had over 66,000 hits just on this blog and ‘popes and papacy’ since then. So I guess my hits, just on those 4 blogs, is now past 1.5 million. That amuses me.

This blog crossed the 250,000 mark on Valentine’s Day. It was the Web’s Valentine’s Day gift to me. Here is the funny thing. I knew that I would cross 250,000 on Valentine’s day 2 weeks ahead! How? The blog now averages ‘500’ hits a day, day-in, day-out, whether I like it or not. Well ‘500’ a day is an easy number. ‘1000’ hits every two days. So it wasn’t that hard to work out when I would cross 250,000 …

The 200,000 mark was crossed December 2, 2013. So, the blog actually went from 200,000 to 250,000 in 74 days. That comes to 675 hits her day, but I smooth it out. The real rate right now is around ‘629’, but I still use the ‘500’ for rough estimates.

Visited by 194 countries! As true denizen of the World that does appeal to me. Here I am, on a dirt road in central New Hampshire, and I can reach 194 countries. I also like that I am getting through to MY constituents … U.K., Sri Lanka, Australia, India. Why so many folks from Germany and the UAE visit this site is a mystery to me. But, that is OK.

Next milestone: 500,000. Of course, I have a rough idea as to when I will hit that. I am still fairly handy with my math.


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