3D Printed Bikinis Made Out Of Plastic! Said To Be Comfortable. Will We See Them On Lake Winnipesaukee?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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>>May 22, 2013.


I saw this on ‘MarketWatch’ … where it was, quite rightly, presented as a financial story. Then I had to, of course, Google. Click to access WSJ/MarketWatch coverage.



Kind of a coincidence. Devanee came home on Friday with a (plastic) nut & bolt fabricated on a 3D printer. It has been ‘Careers Day‘ at school and some folks from the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (which is actually mainly in Maine) had showed up with 3D Printers. She was all ga-ga about 3D printing. I don’t blame her. I have been ‘thinking’ about 3D printers. They are definitely ‘affordable’ now — though I KNOW that the price of the ‘ink’ (as with all printers) is what will bankrupt me (though that is unlikely to happen since I am fiscally more responsible and smarter than your common or garden Alton elected officials who appear to have made a pastime, of late, of declaring bankruptcy).

Of course the first thing I thought about, going back to the fundamental precepts of ex-Fidelity, ex-Magellan Peter Lynch, was to think about buying stock in 3D Printer companies. [Yes, I owned Magellan for about 20 years starting in 1986. The 1st Mutual Fund (as opposed to UK Unit Trusts) that I bought — thanks to a very smart guy who ‘worked’ for me. This was the 1st year I was in the U.S. (on my 2nd time around). I didn’t have any U.S. investments. This guy, David Shaffer, was a financial genius. One day he gave me a small piece of paper and said here are the first 5 mutual funds you should buy in the U.S. Magellan was at the top of that list. Thank YOU, David. Thank YOU, Peter).

Then I saw this post on MarketWatch in late January — “3-D printer stocks fall sharply led by 3D Systems“. So I haven’t done anything — not that I had any disposable money to buy any stock around that time. But now I will have to keep an eye on these stocks again. What would be perfect is if I can make enough money on the stocks to self-fund a printer and THE INK. Stay tuned.

IF I see any 3D printed bikinis around Lake Winnipesaukee I will let you know.

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