Unstinted Praise For Mr. Tom Sargent Alton, NH’s Exemplary Town Assessor.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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TomSargentAs far as I know this is NOT meant to be personal and I sure hope not. Mr. Tom Sargent is a credit to Alton and to humanity in general.

As far as I know the ‘agenda’ to have this position eliminated has to do with the desire to dismantle as much of ‘regulatory government intervention’ as possible from Alton. I understand the motives, if not the rationale. All I will say is that, if what I have heard is true, Alton’s loss will be Londonderry’s ‘gain’! I hope that that comes to pass. So, couldn’t we PLEASE just leave Mr. Sargent alone and have his equivalent in Londonderry, who I don’t know, eliminated (though he/she might also be a nice guy).

Since moving to Alton in 2007 I have had various dealings with Mr. Sargent. I have found him to be approachable, cordial, FAIR, REASONABLE and professional at all times. And I say this even though my taxes have gone up steadily since moving to Alton!

Having owned houses in N.H. since 1986, in New Ipswich, New Durham, Meredith, Gilford (x2) and Alton, 66.6% of them waterfront, I have over the years dealt with a number of Town Assessors. None of them have been as ‘easy’ to deal with as Mr. Sargent. I like the fact that he answers the phone if he is in the office. Ditto if you happen to be visiting the Town Hall. If he is not in a meeting and you need to see him, he will typically come out and talk to you even if you don’t have an appointment. He knows his stuff. Given that I do do the comparative NH tax rate tables (the ‘2014’ post visited by over 3,000 folks so far) I kind of know how the land lies.

Though I felt obliged to write this, I don’t think I am that worried that this dumb warrant article will pass next month. I think basic common sense will prevail — independent of Mr. Sargent’s own personal credentials. That the Selectmen don’t recommend it alone should have some weight.

Well, I will keep you posted. This even stupider than Alton trying to ban ‘Common Core‘.

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