GoDaddy E-Mail Slower Than Molasses Today When It Comes To Delivering E-Mail. At Least 30 Minute Delay.


Anura Guruge

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No, no, it is NOT your imagination. GoDaddy e-mail is again acting up — particularly in terms of receiving, i.e., delivering, e-mail. As far as I can tell everything is coming through, i.e., nothing is getting lost — it is just very, very slow, even by GoDaddy’s recent standards.

I did two TIMED e-mail tests by sending e-mail to my GoDaddy account, from Yahoo and GMail, with timestamps embedded in the e-mail. First one took 34 minutes to get delivered, the other 37 minute. Yes, I cross-delivered them too. Don’t forget I have over 4o years experience in this stuff. Delivery to Gmail was instantaneous. So it wasn’t a delay at the sender. Just GoDaddy. Just another cross to bear when it comes to SlowDaddy.

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