KIA (USA): There Is No End To The Duplicity. KIA Is Scamming Owners Of Their Gas Milage Rebate Cards.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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duplicityI have had it with KIA and Hyundai. We have owned Hyundai/KIA for the last 6 six years — BUT NEVER AGAIN. The lease on our KIA Sportage ends next June and I will NEVER get a KIA/Hyundai again. I don’t joke about such matters. I hate being exploited.

I like the cars. It is the outright DUPLICITY of the KIA dealership hierarchy, top-to-bottom, that bothers me, greatly.

That KIA thought that they could LIE to the U.S. customers about their mileage ratings still amazes me. That takes a lot of balls and lets face it a penchant for duplicity. That bothers me. IF they will lie about that what else are they lying about. Could they be lying about the air bags? Safety?

Let me tell you how they have scammed us with this alleged gas rebate. Contrary to what somebody commented here we are entitled to a gas rebate on the Sportage. KIA USA says we are eligible to a $153 rebate. It gets better. They say they sent us a card! Well we never got one. So Deanna kept on pressing them. Eventually they said this is whom we sent the card to. It wasn’t us! Somebody had put a different name and address against OUR VIN number for the card. Wasn’t us. We can’t change that. But basically somebody had our $153 gas card diverted to someone else. Strange … right? They say they paid “us”, as they were supposed to — it is just that we never got the card! How convenient.

So Deanna has been calling KIA USA, like every week. $153 is $153. They say that they are trying to help us. They wanted Deanna to fill the paperwork again. Then we had to hand deliver it to the dealership. That was in early January. Deanna just talked to KIA USA again … just now … which is why this post. She talked to them last week and the week before that. The dealership is NOT forwarding the paperwork to them! KIA USA claims (and who knows how true that is) that they have called the dealership asking them for the paperwork — obviously to no avail. Strange … right?

Bottom line: we still don’t have the $153 owed to us. That is a FACT. 

I just talked to the Manager. I have had it. They just don’t give a damn. 

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