Wow! Alton Central School $3.9 Million Bond In The Bag. Now All The Fuss Is About The Other Warrant Articles.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.halfbaked


Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE. Find original at the ACS Website.

Click to ENLARGE. Find original at the ACS Website.

inthebagWow, as I said in my Feb. 11 post, what a difference a year and a $14 Million reduction makes.

Lot of talk, emotions, ‘letters to the editor’ and much machinations about the other warrant articles, especially the ones to do away with the Alton Town Planner and Assessor, but nobody is even mentioning, in passing, the $3.9 million bond (other than one unnecessary, and rather pathetic, begging letter). It is a done deal. In the bag. So at last we will have some closure at least for 3 months before they come up with the plan and another bond for renovating the rest of the school. I think there will be a fairly good turnout for the March 11 election given the other articles. Since ALL those in favor of those articles, and what are they, 2 (though I think you have to vote ‘no’ on that one), #42 & #43, will agree that $3.9 million is a BARGAIN compared to the $18 million of last year, I think this will pass by 75% (or more). Now that I have taken a good ‘read’ I worry for Mike Cryans in Alton. But, I know that Mike is aware that Alton is a ‘Red Town‘.

Well, at least we know the outcome of one of the articles. 

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