“Roger’s Redliner Diner”, Route 1, Portsmouth, N.H. — A New, Exciting Dining Option.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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This diner is in the same Route 1, South Portsmouth (2454 Lafayette Road), plaza as the Cinemagic theater — where we went to see ‘Frozen‘ yesterday. I had already told the kids that we can go out for dinner. So as soon as we came out from the movie, though it was only about 3:50 pm Teischan starts with usual ‘I am hungry’. So we decided to have an early ‘dinner’ — actually my lunch since I had not really eaten all day. We had seen the sign for the Diner, with the ‘Now Open’ banner when we had driven in. I suggested that we walk over and check out the menu. Nice, quick walk from the cinema. We got there just before 4pm. They are closed from 3 – 4 to enable them to get ready for dinner. But, when they saw us by the door, ‘Ramona’, who ended up as our waitress (and is shown above), came rushing out and opened the door. We couldn’t refuse. She was very outstanding. Very pleasant. She enhanced the whole dining experience.

I am partial to Diners especially on my my (now) 15-month low-carb diet. The menu featuring classic diner fare, with the obligatory ‘all day breakfast’ (albeit sans pancakes after 11:30 am (to Teischan’s chagrin)), was appealing, well laid out — and the prices were decent. We were told that the beef, turkey etc. is fresh and prepared in the kitchen. The food was good. I tried their special, Cincinnati-type chili with my burger (sans the bun). Wow. It was good. Nicely seasoned. A faraway taste of a mild, delicate curry. I would say that they are on par with the ‘Red Arrow‘ in Concord — one of our all time favorites! So, that has to be good right? Deanna and Devanee had their usual BLTs and Turkey. Teischan had chicken nuggets — though she was full from the popcorn she ate watching the movie. Nonetheless she had room for chocolate cake. Though I didn’t taste it — I am told, with assurance, that it was good.

The diner has only been open for 9 days. It is a restored diner from the 1950s. See images above and below (and click to read them). The owner ‘Roger Elkus‘ (above) for there. Deanna and I, separately, went and congratulated him. I told him the one thing (other than the all day pancakes that was missing). Crayons and coloring things for the kids. He understood.

Very pleasant dining experience. The place hummed. You could feel the buzz. It filled up quickly. Warm, airy and not packed (as can be the case in some diners). The service was outstanding. Yes, we will go back. We might even make the Cinemagic in Portsmouth our default cinema (as opposed to Hooksett) just so we can hit this diner after the movie.

Bottom line we were impressed.  Another good option for Portsmouth. I am glad.

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3 thoughts on ““Roger’s Redliner Diner”, Route 1, Portsmouth, N.H. — A New, Exciting Dining Option.

  1. Pete Wilson

    Roger’s Redliner Diner was a real disappointment. Slow service, mediocre food and indifferent staff. I love diners and was hoping for better, but apparently this is consistent with experience others have had there. Lots of other great breakfast options in the Portsmouth area.

    1. aguruge Post author

      I am sorry to hear that. Surprised about ‘indifferent staff’. We, as I had said, got there just before 4pm, on a Sunday. They weren’t super busy. They had a TON of wait staff. As I wrote last week we went to the Concord “Red Arrow” — which we go to quite often. They only ever appear to have 2 wait staff but there service is good. Pete, I am not that familiar with Portsmouth. If you could give me some other breakfast options, actually better still other diners in that. We never make it to a diner for breakfast per se. Not sure what will happen to this diner. All the best. Anura

  2. Lisa Minor

    My experience at Roger’s was similar to Pete although I thought the service was fine. The food though was very disappointing. Perhaps they will get better as they are quite new. I agree there are lots of other great options. Would recommend the Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, Betty’s Kitchen in North Hampton and of course my all time favorite is the Country View in Greenland (ask for Diane to serve you; she is a riot).


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