IRS Form 8949 For 2013, Now On An Exception Basis, Just As I Had Suggested To The IRS Last Year.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
by Anura Guruge

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It is kind of scary, though very gratifying, when you suddenly realize that the
IRS has paid heed to a suggestion you made
through their advocacy program!

I had no expectations and the advocacy program tells you upfront that
nobody will discuss 
the suggestions you make.
Other than your IP address it is also totally anonymous

in that they don’t ask you for name, e-mail or Social Security.
I was a bit bummed by this because I was under the belief that there were
monetary rewards for ‘reduction of paperwork’ proposals.
From what I see that only applies to Federal Workers!

But, that 8949, as of this year (i.e., tax year 2013), can be completed
on an exception basis, EXACTLY as I envisaged,
albeit for Boxes ‘A’ & ‘D’ only,
That it is only these two boxes makes sense, per my
original suggestions, these are the ones that are
reported to the IRS.

Thank YOU, IRS.


Click to access IRS instructions from


Click to enlarge. Use image above to access if you must.

That said, since I tend to do my taxes kind of on auto-pilot basically following what I had done the year before, I was 60% done filling in Box ‘A’, from my Excel spreadsheet, when I happened to see the ‘you may aggregate’ instructions! No harm done. The real work is creating my Excel Spreadsheet that mimics the 8949. I wouldn’t forgo that step since it provides me with a foolproof method to make sure that all the numbers I report are 100% kosher. Since I have to deal with multiple brokerage statements, having the Spreadsheet guarantees that I haven’t missed anything among the many pages of paperwork — though I use online PDFs of the brokerage forms in parallel to the ones they mail me.

So I just finished completing ‘A’ and ‘D’ anyway. Since it is all electronic I am not really wasting too much paper. PLUS, I think, I could be wrong, that FFF (Free Fillable Forms) might have got its knickers in a twist IF I didn’t file a 8949. It does that. That is OK. Part of its charm.

So a great heads up that I
am delighted to share with YOU!

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