Pope Francis’ Stance On Gay Unions — And Possible Implication Re. Catholic Clerical Celibacy.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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That the pope wants to study ‘Gay Unions’ was BIG news yesterday.


Click to access NBC coverage. Google for more.

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The definitions of celibacy from the online ‘free dictionary’.

When talking about Catholic clerical celibacy there are those that try and make a distinction between CHASTE and CELIBATE.

Per that definition a cleric in a ‘Civil Union‘ might qualify as ‘celibate’ [i.e., unwed] if not ‘chaste’.

A couple of years ago it was big news that there were 300 (or so) ‘married’ Catholic priests in Austria — some of them in same-sex ‘marriages’. Civil unions might give the later an ‘out’.

As a papal historian I am just raising the possibility because I tend to see and hear all sides of such debates.

Yes, per the traditionalists, Catholic priests would NOT be allowed to be in civil unions — but then again, according to them, Catholic priests shouldn’t also have got tangled up in clerical sex abuse.

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