Malaysian Airlines MH370: Is Anybody Checking Craigslist For Used Boeing 777 Parts (Some Painted White)?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE. I assume all of YOU have Craigslist (Rants & Raves) bookmarked -- as you should and as you must.

Click to ENLARGE. I assume all of YOU have Craigslist (Rants & Raves) bookmarked — as you should and as you must.

Remember that WAY BACK on Monday, 72 hours ahead of anyone else, I posted that there is a chance that the plane was landed and that this was the aviation equivalent of ‘carjacking‘.

I now have a better word for this: this could be the start of airline piracy (and by that I don’t mean airlines gouging us with inflated ticket prices).

They commandeer ships … right? Why not planes?

On Monday I was, given my unusual, by any standard, thought processes, already thinking about them chopping up this Boeing 777 for parts. Has to be worth many, many millions. I suspect that there is a kind of synergy in aircraft parts — i.e., the sum of the parts is worth more than the whole. Plus all the baggage — which is bound to contain fair amounts of jewelry and electronics. Devanee asked me what could have happened to the poor passengers. Having grown up on the Indian Ocean — all I can think is: lot of sharks in there.

I have from the start, i.e., Monday, expressed my contempt for the supposed competence of the Malaysians — and I fully appreciate that as a fellow Asian it is easier for me to get away with making fun of other ‘brownies’, as I often do, than for a white person. I know that. I abuse that. [[ SMILE ]] But, contrary to what folks think I am quite tactful in my own peculiar way. Yes, I have mentioned that Malaysians are best known, among other Asians, for their skills at manual labour. But, until today, I refrained using ‘the word’ I use to hear most often, growing up in Ceylon, when it came to Malaysians. But, given how badly they have screwed up I feel morally obliged to share ‘that word’ with you because it so beautifully portrays everything we have seen and heard them do. “Coolies“. Not a bad word. Just a descriptive (British) oriental word for ‘unskilled labor’. That is what I best remember from Ceylon, in the 1960s, when it came to Malaysians — and we had a few plus ‘we’ did trade with them. Coolies. Q.E.D.

Cell Phones: I have been thinking more and more about this. Eventually came to the conclusion that this area was ‘remote’ enough that there was NO cell services and that the plane did not have ‘GOGO’ type plane-to-cell capability. I haven’t had the time to check. [Yes, I am busy. Started on another book last night.] IF there was any cell bandwidth the Chinese onboard would have found it and would have been using it. I have heard NO MENTION of any cell traffic. So, I am assuming that there were NO CALLS, whatsoever, made from MH370 after it took off. IF there were calls — then we should have been told.

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