A Very Good, After School, Science Program For Kids At The New Durham Library By Librarian Max Wirestone.

Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

We like the New Durham Library. We go there nearly as much as we go to Alton — and we like that library too. We don’t borrow anything from New Durham. Most of the time we avail ourselves of the various, compelling programs they offer. Devanee has taken drawing and French classes there and of late, Teischan has been going on Tuesday afternoons, at 3:45 pm, to the Science Program being conducted by Max Wirestone, the librarian.

I took Teischan this week and watched a fair part of the 1-hour program. It was about the absorption properties of different material. Max had set up a very neat experiment involving a measuring syringe — and, of course, the kids love that; water, syringes and cups. It was good. The kids learnt something. I was impressed. Max also had a microscope at hand so that the kids could look at the structure of the various materials that they were testing.

Last week it was about how substances dissolve in water and what happens to them once dissolved. Good stuff.

They do great events like that. Congratulations Max and Cathy Allyn. Great job. Thank YOU.

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