AutoServ KIA Belmont, N.H. Showroom — Badly In Need Of Top-to-Bottom Housekeeping And Major Refurbishing.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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From Google Maps -- street view. This had to be from a few years ago.

From Google Maps — street view. This had to be from a few years ago.

>> Deanna, given her perseverance FINALLY managed to get the $110 Gas Milage Rebate Card that was due to us. <<

Given how uncooperative TEAM KIA Concord was in getting us the Gas Milage Rebate Card that we were due, and how they jerked us around when we wanted to lease a KIA Sedona earlier this year, we decided it was time to find another KIA dealership for our service needs.

We know AutoServ in Tilton. We even have two friends that work there. So we decided to try AutoServ KIA. What I had not realized is that they are in Belmont and not in Tilton — moreover they are on Rte 106 as opposed to the strip across from the Belmont Mall.

We took out Sportage there yesterday for its 15,000 oil change.

Let me say up front, very nice, very pleasant, very helpful folks and I had two good conversations with two of the salesman — one of them who I knew by reputation given that he had been involved in a number of Lakes Region ventures in the past.

The building, which is the old McGreevy dealership (that I used to visit and returned a leased Cadillac STL to in 2004), is a mess. It is so sorely in need of major, major refurbishing. It is dingy and dirty!

Given that the Service Area waiting room is small, loud and claustrophobic, I talked to a very nice salesman and got ‘permission’ to sit in the sales area (showroom) and read my book. Deanna joined a few minutes later.

The showroom was shabby. Ripped, stained and unmatched seats. But this is what floored me. I looked at one of the rolling office seats provided for the salesman. As is the norm it had a base with castors on it. The base was COATED in dust! Caked on dust! Yes, there was mud too — but I can buy that because this is mud season. Caked on dust means that nobody had cleaned this chair in months, if not years.

What gives?

The Tilton facility is all glitz and very fancy. They even have a gym!

I have been to used car places that were nicer than this.

I really felt bad for the salespeople. Can’t be fun working in a place like that.

We were there for nearly two hours. They were having computer woes too! That delayed check-in by 20 minutes. Not amused.

We did not see a single customer walk in — though to be fair it was a Wednesday morning.

I would NOT buy a car from there! If they are so cheap about maintaining their showroom I have to assume that they will nickel and dime me for every cent and more.

PLUS, doesn’t KIA (USA) demand certain standards?

Obviously NOT.

This was the last straw when it comes to KIA/Hyundai.

We have had either a Hyundai or a KIA since June 2008. Yes, I liked the pricing and the warranty. But, I guess you get what you pay for.

We still have 15 months left on this lease.

I am just going to dump it the DAY the lease expires and run as fast as I can from KIA.

Yes, it was a mistake to go with Hyundai/KIA.

I should stick with American even IF it will cost me more.

Maybe it is time to go and pester my friends at Cantin in Laconia. I know that they ‘just’ redid their facility — and it was never as bad as KIA Belmont.

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

Oh … they said that there was coffee. Yes, they had a coffee maker, but NO cups or coffee. I went an got my travelling mug from the car. But then the whole area was so grungy that I decided that I will wait.

Deanna came back and complained that the sink in the ladies was dirty.

I think that was what is REALLY missing at this dealership. I did not see any females. They would NOT permit a place to get so shabby.

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.


Plus they don’t have a car wash! I can’t remember the last time I had a car serviced without getting a car wash.

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