Malaysian Airlines MH370 — Satellite Spotted Debris Off Western Australia: Was Perth Ever A Soft Target?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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From CNN. Click to access.

Perth.. Click to ENLARGE.

Perth.. Click to ENLARGE.

The 64 BILLION dollar question is ‘what the heck was MH370’ doing out there?

The so called ‘Southern Arc’, at the end of which this ‘debris’ has been found, never made any sense to me.

Remember we know that a drastic change in course to the West was programmed into the Flight Management System around 1:07 am — well ahead of the co-pilot mumbling his infamous: ‘All right, good night”.

So these theories about mechanical failures really don’t hold much water.

Somebody had plans to divert this plane. That seems rather clear from the entry of that wayward waypoint.

I still think it was meant to fly West. Yes, there could have been a struggle in the cockpit. Following that the plane could have been on autopilot heading South

So what did those fisherman in the Maldives see? Of course it was an UFO — an UNIDENTIFIED flying object.

But, as with the Maldives, BEFORE I raised it, something that I have NOT heard any of the so called ‘experts’ bring up was: ‘Was it ever possible that Perth was a (soft) target?

Yes, I think they would have scrambled Australian Air Force fighters etc. if it started coming to close — I hope.

But, why is this not on the table. Yes, I understand that there is a fear of giving ‘THEM’ ideas — but, come on. They are not that stupid.

Talking of stupidity THE STUPIDEST thing that I have heard during the coverage of this Malaysian MH370 disaster, and there has been no shortage of stupid things said, was two mornings ago on ‘Fox and Friends’.

One of the male anchors, in the context of the plane spotted over the Maldives, asked an expert, in all seriousness: ‘Can a 777 fly at 80 feet’! The expert to his credit pointed out that all planes can fly at 80′ — and they routinely do so when coming into land (not to mention taking off). How stupid.

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