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Today, March 22, 2014, Was Teischan’s 8th Birthday. We Went To Friendly’s In Dover (N.H.) At Her Behest.

Exactly a year ago at Friendly’s Concord, N.H.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013...



by Anura Guruge

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Amazes me how it comes around every year, shortly after the Spring Equinox, like clockwork, never failing — Teischan’s birthday on March 22. I can still remember last year’s. Actually I still remember this day in 2006.

One of my many foibles is that I am totally adamant that your birthday is your birthday — not the day before, the day after and definitely NOT the nearest weekend. So Deanna and the kids have come to be resigned that they have to celebrate their birthday on their birthday whether it happens to fall on a Wednesday or a day where there is a major conflict. Today was such a day. Teischan had a 2 – 5 pm full dress rehearsal for her Northeastern Ballet ‘Snow White ‘ show in Dover. So we had to work around that. As ever I gave her the option of going wherever she wanted for dinner after her rehearsal. As she had done last year, yet again she wanted to go to a Friendly’s. That there is a Friendly’s in Dover made it all the better. Why she likes Friendly’s is a bit of a mystery, but I don’t have a problem. As far as I recall we haven’t been to Friendly’s since her birthday last year. But I like Friendly’s. They are always friendly and very welcoming — and you can take in your own cake.

So that is what we did. I and Devanee picked up Teischan’s friend, for the sleepover, and motored over to Dover and rendezvoused with Deanna and Teischan at Friendly’s.

It was good. The food, including the appetizers, took slightly longer to arrive than I would have liked, but it was OK. They were kind of busy and beyond packed when we finally departed at 7pm. I like their food. I can actually order a low-carb meal. I tried the new Burger salad. It was OK. The burger was cooked to a crisp — as these places are wont to do. So I will stay clear and go back to chicken or salmon. I also, as I tend to do, had their Chilli since I am kind of partial to Chilli. It was good. The kids liked their meals and Shirley Temples.

The people at the next table, with four kids, thought it was so neat that it was Teischan’s birthday that they insisted on giving her a $1 bill as a present. That was very kind, cute and special. Deanna was very touched. They left before we cut the cake. So we couldn’t share the cake with them. We did give cake to 4 other kids. They liked it. It was fun.

I liked the decor. Very cheery and very American.

I didn’t realize this but they have removable glass panes between booths to give families a double-berth booth. Neat.

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Anura Guruge on Teischan's 8th birthday, March 22, 2014.

Dad was happy.

Blessed Pope John XXIII Canonization (April 27, 2014) — So Do You Know …

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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1/ What had Belgian Cardinal Léon Joseph Suenens to do with Pope John XXIII’s canonization process?

2/ Why would Lumen Gentium and Gaudium et Spes get mentioned in the context of John XXIII’s canonization?

3/ What was the political dilemma faced by Paul VI (#263) when it came to initiating the canonization ’cause’ for John XXIII?

4/ Who were the postulators who handled the John XXIII canonization process?

5/ What religious order did they all belong to and what were the ‘special’ titles held by these postulators?

6/ Why did the postulators decide to put aside a John XXIII miracle reported from Chicago?

7/ Do you know the name of the nun who provided the miracle used for the canonization?

8/ What was the nun cured of and why is it ‘interesting’ relative to the pope, in the same way that the two John Paul II (#265) miracles pertain to that pope?

9/ Why did ‘they’ decide to forgo the second miracle when it came to the ‘Good Pope’?

10/ What will be Pope St. John XXIII’s feast day and what is unusual about it?

The definite, detailed answers to all of these can be found in Chapter 8 of “Pope John XXIII: 101 Facts & Trivia”.

TD Ameritrade 1099-B “Proceeds From Broker” Tax Reporting Form Does Not Show Date Or Cost Of Acquisition.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013....
Anura Guruge

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A relative in D.C. called me up yesterday morning in a panic. He was trying to get his taxes done and had found that he could not do his Schedule D because his TD Ameritrade 1099-B did not tell him when he bought the Mutual Fund that he had sold in 2013. That kind of surprised me. I thought that that information was always on the 1099-B.

He asked me to help him find it. He thinks I am a financial guru. He is always asking me for investment advice and now that he has managed to double his investment over the last six years he thinks that I really must know this stuff! I wish. Anyway it was easy enough to find when he had bought the fund once we got online. He had bought it in 2011 via TD Ameritrade. So there is no excuse for TD Ameritrade to feign ignorance. I checked out his 1099-B to make sure. He was right. The ‘acquisition’ fields are not populated.

See …

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So just to make sure that I wasn’t cracking up, a constant concern I have of late, I went and checked my 1099-B from dear Fidelity.

And it looks like …

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I again gave mental thanks to Fidelity.

I like Fidelity.

I was very thankful that I no longer had a TD Ameritrade account. Yes, I traded with them for a couple of years during 2007 — 2009. They gave me ‘500’ free trades and I think “$500” if I moved x-dollars into a new TD Ameritrade account. Those were the days that Charles Schwab and Fidelity were charging either $29.xx or $14.xx per trade. TD Ameritrade was nice enough and their folks were always incredibly solicitous but their (old) online computer system drove me beyond distraction. I used to rant about it on a different blog. It was not accurate and could be as much as 24 hours behind in terms of reporting your current status. I couldn’t live with that. Yes, I could call and get my latest ‘positions’ (for free), but that is not how I like to do business.

I had still kept my Fidelity account — which I had opened c. 1992 — for mutual fund trading. I always liked the Fidelity online system — which keeps on getting better. So, around 2009 I transferred everything back to Fidelity and have not looked back.

I would be beyond bummed IF my 1099-B did not give me acquisition data. That is why God gave us computers. I don’t want to go digging for this stuff. I have enough to do, thank you.

So, yet again, I was very glad I was with Fidelity rather than with TD Ameritrade or for that matter Charles Schwab.

So just a heads up.

Malaysian Airlines MH370 — These Old Satellite Images Are Nothing But Red Herrings To Buy Time.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.hoaxkb1


by Anura Guruge

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For ‘latest’ ABC News coverage … CLICK.


The MAINLY Asian families are getting, contemptuously, the ‘Mushroom Treatment’. Can you see THIS if 90% of the families were U.S., British, French or German? Click for ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ coverage.

flyingpigrr‘They’ want me to believe that the LATEST images they have of this SEARCH AREA is from 4 days ago!

Yes, as I have kept on saying, “Pigs will FLY”!

‘They’ are buying time — by coming up with inane Red Herrings to keep the gullible public at bay.

So these satellites do NOT have any images of this area taken in the last 12 hours. Come on?

The U.S., China, India and possibly even the Russians (who have a vested interest in this part of the Antarctica) cannot get a real-time image of the search area.

This is garbage.

Time is, alas, ticking away.

I was hoping that ‘they’ were getting ready for an Entebbe type hostage rescue mission. While I appreciate that ‘Special Ops’ need as much time as they can to get ready for such an audacious and delicate mission, time has to be running out for the hostages. Keeping 239 hostages alive can’t be easy or fun.

This is not good.

I just find it impossible to believe that we can’t find a plane as big as a 777.

STARZ Free Preview Weekend Right Now To Promote The Dubious But Beautifully Shot “Da Vinci’s Demons” Seasons 1 & 2.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.Leonardo_da_Vinci_-_Saint_John_the_Baptist_C2RMF_retouched



by Anura Guruge

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Yes, STARZ is available for FREE on DirecTV
and some cable networks right now
— till Monday, March 24, 2014.


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Following Dan Brown’sCode“, which changed my life fundamentally, I became a Da Vinci freak for a couple of years. It was my obsession with trying to learn anything and everything about Leonardo that led me, via Raphael  but mainly Buonarroti Simoni to my current infatuation with popes. If you know your Italian Renaissance, you will, of course, appreciate, that that makes eminent sense.

Well that kind of explains why I didn’t record and watch the 1st season of “Da Vinci’s Demons” last year — though I was well aware of it. I try not to watch historical docu-dramas IF they relate to periods of history that I am familiar with. That is why I have never watched a full episode of “The Borgias” — though I will occasionally watch a few minutes every once in awhile to see how creative they get in showing the degenerateness of that period. Ditto with “Demons”. The title alone was a deterrent. Leonardo sure had issues but I wouldn’t portray them as ‘demons’. Between him and Buonarroti he was considerably more ‘normal’ — at least in my book.

Last week I noticed, even prior to the free, preview weekend, that Season 1 of “Demons” was available, in its entirety, on ENCORE. Since we had finally managed to get through the 34 hours of Sochi Winter Olympics I had recorded (though I kept the Closing Ceremonies because I thought they were brilliant), I finally had some free space on the DirecTV (slow as frozen molasses) Genie. So I, for the first time in my life, set up a ‘Record Series’! I watched one episode, “The Magician“, last week. Hhhhmmmm.

The basic storyline kind of sticks to the facts and I can live with it. Some of the details defy credulity. Even if Leonardo built a spectacular flying bird, powered by a rocket, he would NOT have had the means to get it to fly as precisely as a modern guided missile as was portrayed. That was absurd poetic license. Also the metal prototype that was shown to fly defied the laws of physics. It was too heavy to fly just by the mechanical flapping of its wings.

But the thing that bothered me the most was the portrayal of him as a craven, hetrosexual womanizer who continually had the hots for women. Can’t buy that. At best Leonardo was bisexual. He painted women, but he did so for the money. Trying to make him overtly hetro bothers me. That is why I stay clear of these ‘tabloid’ series. I like veracity in my history.