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Why Is The Vatican Again Complaining About Obama; They ‘Prayed’, He Won, Lets Move On.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access original.


If you are not familiar with it, here is Card. Raymond Burke, in Red
(and just for the heck check the British derivation of this name ‘Burk‘).

Yep, that is him, beatific as ever.

Yep, that is him, beatific as ever. As is to be expected he trips up often, but has yet to work out why. Since he is a Prince nobody will tell him why. I will, but he never calls me.

This was around the November 2012 election. Click to access original.

Click to access original.

Click for original.

Click for background.

The problem is that Burke just does NOT know his history.

It used to be: “Rome has spoken, the matter is closed”.

Well Rome and the U.S. Bishops spoke mighty and prayed like there was no tomorrow.

Well SOMEBODY spoke. Obama was re-elected!

So, just get on with it.

I blogged about this, with increasing glee during November of 2012. If you really want to see me being real naughty, as opposed to pretending to be (which is what I do here, check ‘Popes and Papacy’ blog for November 2012 (or any other month).

Pope John XXIII Meeting With Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip (of the U.K.), At The Vatican, In 1961.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access at the 'British Pathe' FREE archives.

Click to access at the ‘British Pathe’ FREE archives.

 Happened to run across this last night as I was searching for images for my ‘Good Pope John XXIII’ presentation.

Very evocative. You can feel this kindly old popes hospitality and grace. Very nice. Remember that the Queen is the Head of the Church of England — a Church that does not recognize the pope and was formed explicitly to get away from popery.

But this was NOT the first visit of this nature. In April 1903, Edward VII, this Queen’s great grandfather paid a visit to Leo XIII (#257).

Question #29 from the "Pope John XXIII: 101 Facts & Trivia" book.

Question #29 from the “Pope John XXIII: 101 Facts & Trivia” book.

Malaysian Airlines CEO, Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, Has NO Aviation Experience. Should Resign. They Offer $5,000 Per Passenger!


So, so, so MANY holes.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Yes, that is him. You see him at all the Press Briefings looking totally lost, bewildered and well out of his depth. No wonder. He has NO aviation experience. This is from "Malay Mail Online". Click to access original.

Yes, that is him. You see him at all the Press Briefings looking totally lost, bewildered and well out of his depth. No wonder. He has NO aviation experience. This is from “Malay Mail Online”. Click to access original.

His bio from 'Malaysia Airlines' Website. Click to access.

His bio from ‘Malaysia Airlines’ Website. Click to access.

Check what I had to say about this guy, before I even knew who he was, 10 days ago! He is definitely a sorry sight.

This is beyond the pale. No wonder he has always appeared like a lost soul at each and every Press Briefings. First few times I wasn’t sure whether he was alive or high on drugs. I even commented on that on my March 13, 2014 post. He is patently a political appointee. I gather that it is a totalitarian regime and all such posts are government controlled.

He is obviously clueless. Made this amazing statement that resignation would be a ‘personal choice’. Of course it is a ‘personal choice’. Just do it. If he was Japanese he would be expected, quite literally, to fall on his sword. But, alas and alack, he is Malaysian and as far as I know they don’t have a history or tradition of honor and chivalry — as has become very clear from this sorry tragedy.

How convenient that ‘bad weather’ prevented the search for the debris. This thing stinks.

Now the Malaysians are offering $5,000 per passenger. Wow, that is cheap even by Chinese standards. Is that ALL that us Asians are worth? $5,000 — dead (and look on the bright side you don’t have to incur any funeral costs). Yes, it is probably a lot of money to SOME Chinese, but, I think that even the Chinese know that $5,000 is pitiful.

Asiana, from what I can see, offered the SURVIVORS $10,000 each. That is double this insulting offer.

No wonder the Chinese tried to storm the Malaysian embassy in Beijing.

Mark my word the Malaysian are in for a surprise. They can’t bully around folks from other nations as they can their natives.


Just wait until the U.S. lawyers get involved.

But, while we wait lets get rid of this sad sack of potatoes, Ahmad Jauhari Yahya.

Exxon Valdez Captain, Joseph Hazelwood, On CNN Tonight, Used To Frequent Meredith (N.H.) Library.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge


Yesterday, March 24, was the 25 year anniversary of the disaster. Tonight there is a CNN documentary. Click this image or the one below to access CNN details of their documentary.


This was during the 1996 to 1999 time frame when I lived in lovely Meredith (N.H.) [on what was ‘Mile Point‘ when there was only 5 waterfront houses there on a cleverly disguised paved road made to look like a dirt road].

My son, Matthew, used to spend a lot of time with me and we would go to the library quite a bit (partly because we knew, quite well, a number of the folks that worked there). It was one of them that pointed out the ex-Captain to me and told me that he comes quite often. I am very had at ‘spotting’ folks and would not have recognized him on my own, though once I was told he was, I could see that he hadn’t changed much from what we had seen on TV many years earlier.

ExvalwikiNot sure whether he had a place there, was staying with family or was just visiting. Wikipedia claims he lived in Long Island. Not sure whether he visits the Meredith library or can be seen in Meredith these day. This was a long time ago.

I walked past him a few times in the library but I don’t think we talked, let alone acknowledged each other. I appreciated his need for privacy. He kept a low profile and if I remember right, invariably wore a long, light brown coat.

The “Exxon Valdez” and “Pan Am Flight 103 — Lockerbie” are part of my family lore. Danielle, my eldest daughter, was born on Tuesday, April 4, 1989. So the “Valdez” happened the week before she was born and network news of that time led with the disaster. “Lockerbie” happened the Christmas before she was born. Since she was going to be my first, I got, as is the norm, all sorts of advice. One of them, given that this was prior to the Web, was that I should document or remember the important news story of the time. Well those were the two big stories that are etched in my mind.

In 1989, the changing of the clock for ‘Daylight Saving Time’, i.e., the ‘Spring Forward‘, took place on Sunday, April 2, 1989. I remember because I had lost an hour of sleep on Monday, April 3. This year we changed the clocks on March 9, 2014. Three weeks earlier! I am always struck by how we have brought forward the Spring Forward. But, I think it is good. I like the longer days.

I guess I will DVR the CNN documentary. I kind of want to hear what he has to say. So this is a heads-up.