Gilford (N.H.) Superintendent Confirms That Alton Central Principal Sydney Leggett Is INDEED A Candidate For Gilford Middle.

Sydney Leggett, Alton Principal, Oct. 16, 2013.

Sydney Leggett, Alton Principal, Oct. 16, 2013. Click to ENLARGE.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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Click to access Gilford Superintendent's far from bland, actually quite graphic and colorful, Website cum blog. Sydney announcement towards the middle. Click to access.

Click to access Gilford Superintendent’s far from bland, actually quite graphic and colorful, Website cum blog. Sydney announcement is towards the middle. Click to access.

So the e-mail I got 10 days ago about Sydney trying to try her luck at Gilford was indeed on the money. I didn’t have any doubts. The Alton mother who sent me the e-mail has formidable connections across the world! She is beyond awesome. If she tells me that black is white, I would trust her — because she has impeccable contacts. So we did get it right. 100% right. Said “3 finalists”. Bingo. 3 finalists. What more do you want?

I am kind of crushed on multiple fronts. Though I had had a number of e-mails asking me whether I had been able to find anything more on this, I had been remiss on checking around. It has been busy around here. I am still buried, but that I managed to get my taxes filed, two days ago, has given me a brief respite. Today, my day off from slogging it up Prospect Mountain Road, which gives me an extra hour of work, was the first time I had ‘5 minutes’ to look around. I am crushed that I missed YESTERDAY’S ‘meet the candidates‘ meeting in Gilford. I would have gone to cheer on Sydney. Ooops! Did I say the wrong thing? No. No. I don’t want Sydney to leave Alton. So, I would have gone to tell the Gilford folks to keep their grubby paws off OUR esteemed principal.

I am crushed … but I am also relieved … but then again concerned!

OK. So now I know who she is up against. Kara Lamontagne! The Assistant. Did Sydney realize … work out … that Lamontagne would apply? Aahhh! LAMONTAGNE. I know the Laconia/Gilford Lamontagne clan — and I will not go into details. Talk about connected, influential and liked. Wow. Lamontagne. [[Why can’t I stop grinning?]]

I, as ever, could be wrong BUT I have a feeling that a Lamontagne in Gilford is hard to beat even for somebody as exceptional and outworldly like our own Leggett.

Now what?

IF there is any justice in this world, Leggett should get it. She has to be the best qualified on the lot, BUT she is a ‘Leggett’ and not a “Lamontagne” — and not a Lamontagne that has worked at that school.

So, I am now worried for Leggett.

I don’t pray. IF I did, this would be a time that I would start praying. But, for those that do, PLEASE pray for our Leggett.

But, as ever, I am so confused (which goes with the territory of being a partial moron) and befuddled.

I don’t want her to go. I will miss her terribly.

But then again.

IF she doesn’t get this job what happens? OF COURSE she continues at Alton, making sure that ACS stays committed to Common Core. But, I, maybe unnecessarily, worry that the teachers might be a bit perturbed that she applied for this job. But lets be fair. She is a Gilford taxpayer. Makes sense for her to work in Gilford.

I don’t know. I am crushed. I feel betrayed — but that is immaterial.

So what do I … or what should I hope for?

That she gets the job and leaves me … or that she doesn’t get the job and continues at Alton all disappointed that she didn’t get the job?

Life is so complicated.

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