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I Just Walked Out, In A Huff, From Deborah Varney, DMD, Pittsfield, N.H., Over Dentists Insisting On Taking My Blood Pressure.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Deborah Varney, DMD of Pittsfield. Click to ENLARGE.

Deborah Varney, DMD of Pittsfield. Click to ENLARGE.

I never thought that it would come to this.

I thought I had thrashed this out with my old dentist and that it was not a ‘non-negotiable’ issue.

I don’t want anybody other than a licensed nurse, a board-approved doctor or Deanna (who was an LNA for nearly a decade) taking my blood pressure. It is MY blood pressure and I, for very easily justifiable reasons, am very fussy as to who takes my pressure and HOW it is taken.

I will not have a dental hygienist trying to take MY blood pressure using a $40 automated cuff they bought off Craig’s List!

Blood pressure and blood pressure monitoring happens to be just another of the many topics that I do know something about. Doctors have been busting my chops about my blood pressure for 20 years. Given that I am a certified Type A+++++ personality, known far and wide for being passionate about many things, it is not surprising that my blood runs hot. In 1997, a very astute Indian Cardiologist, at Lakes Region, put me on a handful of high blood pressure medication for preventive reasons — though my pressure at the time was below 140/70. He, and a urologist who put me on Cardura around the same time, were BIG into preventive medication for folks like me. Thanks to these doctors and their preventive measures I have to take a large handful of pills everyday. I don’t even know how many since Deanna dispenses them for me, in a large, white plastic cup, each night. I think I take about a dozen pills every night.

With that cocktail of concoctions I tend to be fine! That I slog up hills 6-days a week, watch my diet like a crazy person and weight 161 pounds (at 5′ 9″) might help too.

I know that automated blood pressure monitors are not accurate — unless they are calibrated. Yes, I have had cardiologists calibrate my machines (and be amazed by how far out they were, out of the box).

I know, and I am living proof, that my blood pressure differs by 10 – 20 points DEPENDING on which arm the reading is taken — especially as I have a damaged bicep on my right arm from an accident involving dogs, sleds and ice.

I have uncontrollable white coat syndrome.

My cardiologist, the ever impeccable Dr. Hanlon, of Catholic Medical, understands and appreciates that. That I have had more EKGs in the last few years, than most people of my age have had sex in a year, has helped him realize that I most likely will hobble through for another few years — especially if I insist on running up hills most days of the week. So we have a deal. Deanna takes my blood pressure, first thing in the morning — when I LET HER! He, as my cardiologist, will buy Deanna’s readings. That works.

So, I am not going to have my blood pressure taken, with a machine, by a dental hygienist.

Deborah Varney wanted a showdown on this. I either get my blood pressure taken or I walk. I walked. IF I was having a procedure, I would have relented, because, in general, I am only 90% unreasonable. All I was there was for a cleaning. No shots and hopefully no bleeding.

This was never an issue with my prior dentist. I told the hygienist, upfront, long time ago: no blood pressure, NO FLOSSING my teeth! The latter has to do with human kindness. Compared to most I have good teeth. But, even with that I think it is DEMEANING for an hygienist to floss somebody else’s teeth. I am perfectly capable of flossing my own teeth and I do so diligently a few times a day! To me, getting somebody else flossing your teeth is akin to asking somebody else to wipe your butt! I can’t clean my own teeth BECAUSE I don’t have the proper ultrasonic machinery. But, I sure have everything I need to floss my teeth. So why demean a nice lady by asking her to floss my teeth.

Anyhow … I am through with Deborah Varney and her practice. She might be a very good dentist — but I will never know. I will make one observation. I only met her briefly but, and I could be very wrong, she didn’t come across as somebody that was that worried about heart health. I could be wrong on that. 


Malaysian Airlines HM370 Farce: Send For Paul Watson & The “Sea Shepherds” (of “Whale Wars” Fame).

seasheperdsflagAnura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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paulwatsonss1This is getting so stupid that it is no longer — not that it was ever funny.

What is it — 4 days and nobody but nobody can pick up one bloody piece of debris. I find that hard to stomach.

All these satellite images coming from other countries — why is the U.S. pretending that they have no satellites covering this area? Also what about the International Space Station (ISS)?

This is an ideal mission for my ‘buddies’ at “Sea Shepherds“. They know these waters. They have weathered storms in these waters.

Send for Paul — and yes, I know that he is supposedly a ‘fugitive‘ from the law (or was the last time I looked). Screw that. Obama can give him a pardon on behalf of the world. They have the ships, the expertise and the hunger to be famous.

Lets get some proper ships out there. Knowing the "Sea Shepherds" they will run into the debris, crack open their fiberglass hull and start sinking. But at least we would have found some debris and it will make great TV.

Lets get some proper ships out there. Knowing the “Sea Shepherds” they will run into the debris, crack open their fiberglass hull and start sinking. But at least we would have found some debris and it will make great TV.

The MAIN thing that bugs the heck out of me.

Nobody, but nobody is EVEN ASKING what the heck MH370 was doing flying down that Southern Corridor — for so long — in total radio silence.

That makes no sense.

The supposed radio silence is the most puzzling. They flew for 6 – 7 hours ….

Bloody Malaysian Air knew that they had a missing 777 for 5 hours — and did nothing. Yes, we know they are incompetent, but this defies belief.

And they are trying to sue ‘poor’ (well not really) Boeing — already? On what grounds. We don’t know why this plane has gone missing.

I still have a hunch that it didn’t crash.

This is just amazing. Just amazing.

10199 Chariklo: First Asteroid To Be Spotted With Saturn-like Rings, Two Actually.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Philip Corneille who helped me with my ‘Comets: 101 Facts & Trivia‘ book last year (and will do so on a new book on asteroids later this year, with luck), kindly sent me this link yesterday.

I was intrigued. ‘Wow’ was my first reaction and I assume most folks would feel that way.

Indubitably significant and of course, groundbreaking. But once I started thinking about it I realized like so many other things in our amazing (and as yet only sparsely explored) Solar System this was inevitable. We know of asteroids with moons. The first such moon, or ‘satellite’ if you want to be pedantic, discovered in 1994 on images taken by the Galileo spacecraft, around main-belt asteroid, 243 Ida. We now know of over a 100 ‘minor planets’, asteroids, with moons. If you have moons they can get shattered from an impact, internal weakness or a gravitational tug. A shattered moon, or two, or three, will give you rings. Hence the inevitability. That said, this is still special. Enjoy and rejoice.

Click to access "European Southern Observatory" (ESO) coverage and access video-cast.

Click to access “European Southern Observatory” (ESO) coverage and access video-cast.

The asteroid, 10199 Chariklo (named after a nymph), discovered in 1997, is not a main-belt asteroid. It is actually further out than Saturn — going quite close to Uranus.

Here is an artist’s depiction of the rings.

Click to ENLARGE. From Wikipedia.

Click to ENLARGE. From Wikipedia.