Alton Central Principal Sydney Leggett Gets The Leg Up In Gilford. She IS LEAVING!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Sydney Leggett, Alton Principal, Oct. 16, 2013. Click to ENLARGE.




by Anura Guruge


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Well, I guess I get the credit for breaking the news that she was trying to fly the coop 13 days ahead of today’s news.

I am now very confused. Am I the ONLY one in Alton or ACS that thinks that she is the cat’s whiskers as opposed to what the cat dragged in.

A neighbor on this road, an Alton Central mother with two kids at school, just stopped by to tell Deanna the news and she was ‘cock a hoop’! Her first words were: I am going into town to get some champagne!

I am in shock.

When, the by comparison, very saintly Bonnie Kuras left, I remember hearing that she was the ‘xth ACS principal in n-years’ — and the ‘x’ was quite large. I can’t remember the details but it was something like the average tenure was under 5 years.

Not sure how long Leggett has been around. Was it two exciting, eventful years?


I can’t, alas, afford champagne, so I will just have to raise two glasses of red to drown my sorrows.

Well, now that she is gone the School Board that voted 3-2 against ‘Common Core’ will have an easier task of dismantling CC at ACS.

So now what?

I am GLAD she got the job — though I am, personally, crushed that she will no longer be around to bully me around, as she liked to do.

So will it be Mikel Lachapelle? The impressive Mrs. Forbes. Will they bring back Dear Mr. Steve Ross — who I still like.

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