Perambulating At Dusk In Delightful Wolfeboro, N.H. Mainly On The Snow Packed “Cotton Valley Rail Trail”.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE. Last night's near divine walk, 7:05 - 8:10 pm.

Click to ENLARGE. Last night’s near divine walk, 7:05 – 8:10 pm.

Last night was my first walk, in the evening, along ‘The Trail‘ — while Devanee was at her weekly ‘Clearlakes Chorale‘ practice. Last week, given that I had slogged up Prospect Mountain Road in the morning, I only did 1/4 of the walk — mainly because Deanna wanted me to pick up some stuff for Teischan’s birthday at ‘Rite Aid‘. Rather than drive, I walked.

Last night was an ideal evening for walking. I think it was about 35F. Perfect as far as I am concerned. Not too cold, not too hot!

So tranquil. So picturesque. The Lakes Region, at its best, while there is still ice on the lakes. Crescent Lake is melting — and melting fast.

‘The Trail’, extensively used by snowmobilers, was frozen, icy, rutted — and slushy and muddy in parts. So it was a bit heavy going. I did not want to fall and break anything because I would not hear the end of it from Deanna. Plus since there was no other soul of the trail it would have been awkward if I had to drag myself back to the road.

Provided it is not raining cats and dogs, or it isn’t one of my days off per my ‘3 days on, 1 day off’ schedule, I will be walking this route every Thursday night into June (when we have the Spring concert) and then again from September till Christmas (when we have the Christmas concert).

You should definitely try this trail. It is beautiful. If you can walk it at dusk. The lights from the houses make it magical. And it is so peaceful. Another world.

I love it.

I get back … and then I get to listen to the Chorale. They were in very fine form last night. I feel blessed. 

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