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Pope John XXIII Canonization Presentation At The Taylor Community, Laconia — Sunday, April 13, 2014, 3pm. FREE. Open To Public.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
Anura Guruge

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A slide from the presentation.

Anura Guruge Pope John XXIII, Giovanni XXIII, canonization.

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Malaysian Airlines MH370 Paradox: Can Debris Be Found Of MH370 In Search Area IF There Is NO MH370 Debris To Be Found?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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From Wikipedia, ‘MH370’ entry. Click to access.


The metaphysicality of it all. “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” If MH370 did not crash anywhere near the current search area will they be able to find any MH370 debris in that area? That is the question.

Let me state what is now becoming a classic paradox:

“If the MH370 did not crash (anywhere close to the current search area),
can MH370 debris be found in the search area,
IF there is NO MH370 debris to be found?”

⊂⊃ ⊂⊃ ⊂⊃ ⊂⊃ ⊂⊃ ⊂⊃ ⊂⊃ ⊂⊃ ⊂⊃ ⊂⊃ ⊂⊃

alice1951-bluray-03It just amazes me. “Alice in Wonderland” — which, alas, is often not that far off for the Australians.

When will they put an end to this FARCE.

Plus, given that the so called experts seems to have lost sight of this, let me remind you all of one KEY FACT — assuming, and that is ONE heck of an assumption, that MH370 crashed anywhere close to Oz.

Search Area for Debris ≠ Impact Area of Flight.

Surface debris would have drifted
over the last 4 weeks, yes 26 days,

due to wind, currents and waves.

IF they find any debris it will now be hundreds of miles from where it originated!

No point looking for Black Box pings in the area you find any debris.

You have to reverse engineer, backwards, to possible crash locations.

So why all this stupidity?

Yes, as I repeatedly state, I fully appreciate that this is WAY BEYOND the pay grade of all Malaysians. You got to feel sorry for them.

But, the Australians. There are some relatively smart Aussies and they are head and shoulders above the Malays.

I am still not convinced:

1. That the plane crashed.

2. That IF it crashed it crashed anywhere near the current location. I maintain: GO WEST. GO WEST.

3. For the Malaysians to say that all the passengers are cleared of any wrongdoing is BEYOND THE PALE. They really should stay off the gunja if they are going to stand in front of TV cameras. They come across as so stupid.

I have to go. I have real, intellectual, work to do. More, as a quick diversion, in the coming days.

April 7, 2014, 50 Years Of The S/360 (S/370) Mainframe Anniversary: More Mainframe Nostalgia …

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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The John XXIII Canonization: British Pathé Clip From 1959 Of Pope John XXIII Sending St. Pius X Body Back To Venice.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Pope John XXIII sending St. Pius X body back to Venice -- Anura Guruge, John XXIII 101 Facts & Trivia Book.

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I talked about this on Page 132, ‘bullet’ #88, of my
“Pope John XXIII: 101 Facts & Trivia”

It was a very touching and historic occasion.
The first time a passenger train had departed the ornate Vatican Railway station.

I conjecture that Pope Francis might
reenact this gesture by sending

St. Pope John XXIII’s body to Venice
in the next couple of years.

Stay tuned.

From Anura Guruge book Pope John XXIII 101 Facts & Trivia

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Discovery Channel ‘Fast N’ Loud’ Richard Rawlings’ Needs To Be Slightly More Precise By What He Refers To As ‘Profits’.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
by Anura Guruge

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Click to access Discovery Channel home page for show.

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We are, as I have mentioned a few times, BIG fans of the ‘Discovery Channel‘. We watch quite a few of their shows, recorded before hand, of course, to miss the interminable commercials, during our ‘family TV‘. One of the shows that I try and record each week, mainly because the kids love it, is ‘Fast N’ Loud‘. For reasons I have never worked out, given that we are not that big into cars, is why the kids like car shows — though they are very picky about which ones they do like. Fast N’ Loud they do like and watch it quite intently and they even remember what happened in prior episodes. Deanna, who used to be involved with cars and NAPA likes it, and it amazes me how easily they hack these cars since I have trouble changing light bulbs in a modern car or replacing batteries.

No doubt the show, sophomoric, increasingly scatological and prone to unnecessary crudeness (which results in Deanna prodding me in the ribs to indicate the kids should not be listening, though it is always too late by then), is entertaining. Other than somewhat sad problem that many of these car shows posses where they insist upon being destructive for the sake of being destructive, Fast N’ Loud is very entertaining.

I, as somebody who still has in theory a self-employed business and spent two decades helping tech startups, have a problem with how Richard Rawlings glibly states his PROFITS in each show.

What Rich Rawlings always calls his profits is JUST his gross profits. I don’t have a problem with that. It is just that he never clarifies that and I am sure leads many, many people with the wrong assumptions.

And that is my concern.

Gross Profits and Real Profits, i.e., Nett Profits, are, alas, two very different things.

If Gross Profits were Real Profits Amazon would be a profitable company.

That is my problem.

Lets take this weeks issue and you can watch it here.

They sold one of their 11, ultra exclusive, COPO Camaros, at auction, for $65,000. They wanted $75,000, but $65K wasn’t a bad price. Since they paid $55,000 each, for the 11 (or 12) they bought directly from GM, per Richard, and the graphic graphics they insist on using to highlight these figures, ‘they’ made a $10,000 profit on the sale. What he really should point out is that they made a $10,000 GROSS profit on the sale.

You may not appreciate this, BUT if we ever get to see his tax returns this sale, by the time it makes it to his tax return, is probably listed as a loss — and he is probably quite within his right to do so! And to me that is the nub and the rub.

I just hope that the IRS, if not the Texas State corporate tax folks, watch all these shows and reconcile them with his tax returns.

Even with the TV publicity they generate, I am not sure that they auction places let Richard sell his cars at auction WITHOUT charging him some auction fees. The last time I looked fancy auctions like the one that he went to charge upward of $1,000 just to enter a car and maybe another 7% of the sales price. So, of the $10,000 profit Richard claimed he made he probably had to part with quite a bit to the auction company before he even got his cut. And then, if nothing else, there are the transportation costs to get that car from Michigan to Texas and then to the auction. All of that eats into the so called PROFIT that he cites. And then there has to be some insurance costs. In this case lets even ignore the overhead of the shop and Richard’s time. The NETT PROFIT of this sale is nowhere even close to the $10,000 he so proudly bandied about. And that is my contention. Folks, even the kids, get the wrong impression.



In this episode they also sold a Bricklin — and I will confess I had never heard of a Bricklin, let alone seen one. He bought it for $3,000 and sold it for $6,100 and then claimed a profit of $3,1000. Yes, but that was GROSS. We saw at least two of his trained monkey mechanics working on the Bricklin ‘replacing’ the ignition and getting the car to fire. Though they are not the most professional of mechanics I have seen I doubt whether any of them work at ‘Gas Monkey‘ for minimum wage. Plus there is all the overhead of the shop — including workman’s comp, insurance and utilities. Yes, sure the Discovery Show definitely must go a long way towards offsetting some of those — but he still has some overhead. So, it would be more realistic if he pointed out that out of his $3,100 he still has to cover his wages, tools, materials, etc. etc.

It all reminds me of a faded, tattered pink slip from the LondonFinancial Times‘ I carried in my wallet for decades. It was a snippet of a story about an uneducated, school dropout cobbler, in London, who had done very well for himself. He was asked how he, a modest cobbler, had managed to do so well. He said: “I don’t know. I made my shoes. It cost me £2 to make them. I sold them at £4 and I was content making my 2% profit.