City Of Rome Unveils Special 48 Hour Tourist Passes For The April 27, 2014 Canonization Of The Two Popes.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013. .. ... .. ..

Anura Guruge

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“Pope John XXIII: 101 Facts & Trivia”
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Click the ENLARGE. Use link below to access “Getty Images” original.

Click on this link to access “Getty Images” original.

This makes a LOT of sense. They are expecting millions to show up for the dual canonization, though 85% will be there for John Paul II (#265) as opposed to the even more saintly Good Pope, John XXIII (#262).

Father Anthony Churchill, STL, from the U.K., who wrote the Foreword for my “Pope John XXIII: 101 Facts & Trivia”, will be there. He is taking group with him. He studied in Rome for many years — hence the STL. He goes to Rome often (and as a priest can stay at some of the Colleges in Rome). He is taking my book with him to Rome.

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