Sinhala New Year 2014: Ordered New Year Cake (From Kapruka) For A Cousin In Sri Lanka.

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by Anura Guruge

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This was what I was trying to send.

Just loved the detail on the betel leaf and the ‘Temple Tree’ flower
(the name coming from the fact that the tree produces these
whitish flowers ideal for offerings at Buddhist temples).

That is the hallmark of Sri Lankan cake makers.

My adoptive mother (who died in 1992, aged 62) was
a master cake maker. She could make cakes like this.
Which explains why I grew up FAT and still have,
despite taking handfuls of  Liptor a day,
killer high cholesterol levels
(which is why my doctors laugh at me everytime
they see me and go: ‘still around?’).

Well, I went to all this trouble to capture these 4 pictures
to share with you. Getting the last three were an hassle.
They only had the thumbnail and I had to do quick
screen scrapes.

I guess WHILE I was doing that they SOLD
the last of these cakes.

So, I am capturing these pictures … then
I go to hit BUY and it says

A first for me with Kapruka.

But, I can understand.

So, I ordered another — one of my
standbys over the years with Kapruka.
A  very rich, very dark brown (like me)
chocolate cake.
Yes, we all like chocolate cake.
I am convinced that I am this shade of chocolate
BECAUSE of all the chocolate cake I ate
growing up.
Something “… Green …”. It was cake shop/cafe
in Colombo. Can’t remember the name.
Made the most amazing

chocolate cakes. I was addicted to them.
I was indulged.


Anyway I sent a cake to a cousin.

My oldest cousin living in Sri Lanka.

She lost her husband of 40 years a few weeks ago. Pancreatic cancer. Everything that they say about that form of cancer was true (though I gather that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been at the end).

I didn’t know anything about that type of cancer till then. Learned a few things. Unexpected, adult diabetes is a RED flag for this type of cancer.

This time last year he told me that he had been unexpectedly, out of the blue, diagnosed with very severe diabetes. We didn’t think it was anything else. On September 4, as is our wont, we exchanged phone calls. I was told that ‘Ernest‘, that was his name, wasn’t there because he had gone to hospital with very bad stomach pains. That was the beginning of the end.

I did send him a basket of fruit through Kapruka when I heard that he wasn’t eating. He liked that.

For years now I have been sending them, always through Kapruka, cakes for BOTH New Years: Jan. 1 & April 14.

I wasn’t going to break the tradition.

Ernest married into the family. He was a teacher. Taught agriculture. Cool guy. Was 75 — which, I think, is a good knock for any Sri Lankan.

He will always be dear to me for what he asked me in 2008
when he heard that I had written
“Popes and the Tale of Their Names”.

He has the elder of the cousins in Sri Lanka
e-mailed and asked me

Cracked me up.
I laughed so much.

Me, the black sheep of the family,
and my biggest SIN is that I wrote a book about Catholicism.

Funniest thing … and I am not sure he appreciate this.

His wife’s paternal grandmother was a Catholic. She, a wife of a prominent doctor, had a Catholic shrine with candles and stuff in the house that they all lived. My first exposure to those flickering red lights under bleeding hearts.

His wife lived with my surrogate father and his wife (my adoptive aunt), so she could attend school in Colombo. He was a Baptist! He was one the greatest influences in my life, and I now realize that I am more like him in my attitudes and behavior than anybody else.

So it isn’t as if my adoptive family didn’t have Christians among them. Actually we had more, including a cousin whose mother was a Christian (not sure what flavor).

But, to me that, so beautifully, summed up the Sri Lankan confusion with life and religion.

I am SO GLAD though that as far as my Sri Lankan relatives are concerned that the biggest sin I have committed was writing a book about popes.

I had always thought that I was the black sheep because of the number of white wives I have had.


Happy New Year.

As I said yesterday I am in NO WAY affiliated with Kapruka. Don’t even know who owns. Though I have used them for over 12 years I have NEVER received anything from them. When I place the orders I see that theier is a PROMO code that you can enter. Never received one of them. Doesn’t matter. Compared to U.S. prices their prices are dirt cheap. Even I can afford them. But, just wanted you to know that Kapruka is not rewarding me for all this sterling publicity.

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