‘Good Pope’ Pope John XXIII ‘Salient Story Of His Life’ Presentation For Download (FREE).

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013. .. ... .. ..

Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE. Use link below to download 26 page presentation as a safe PDF.

Click to ENLARGE. Use link below to download 26 page presentation as a safe PDF.

Click to download as a clean and safe (but fairly big at 15MB)
26-page Adobe Acrobat PDF.

This is a PDF version of my (restraintly-animated) 26 slide PowerPoint for my “Pope John XXIII” presentations — Laconia, Alton, New Durham and Gilford.

I am sticking with and staying true to my trademark ‘3 minutes per slide’ formula that I successfully used for 30 years and probably upwards of 400 presentations. I don’t have any notes. Have never used notes when I do a presentation. Something that was drummed into me BEFORE I was a teenager! Yes, I had done a bit of public speaking and debating by that time, at school, but I, for one, had NO IDEA that I would end up spending much of my working life (which was albeit short because I am really a lazy bugger) on my feet doing public seminars (for gain). It served me well. Became part of the reputation. “That bastard stand ups and spouts for hours never looking at any notes or consulting anything”.

Of course people resented me for that. I, as I have often pointed out in these posts, was blessed — and I don’t know why. I had some amazing people, come out of the woodwork, to help me …. I am sure I have mentioned his name before, but let me say it again. Steve Kane of ITT. I interviewed with him for a job as a consultant at ITT Data Systems in early 1980. Per the amazing ITT culture (that I privileged to enjoy for 3 glorious years) much of the interview was conducted at an upscale Italian restaurant, in Cockfosters (I kid you not), London over many glasses of wine. Steve was a pivotal influence in my life. Though I, like him, was an ex-IBMer, until I started working for Steve I was not in the habit of wearing white shirts per the IBM legend. He came from IBM sales (where you had to wear a white shirt everyday) and I came from IBM R&D (where you were allowed to work in your shorts provided that it helped). For the next 30 years, thanks to Steve, I only wore white shirts — french cuffed and with ‘AG’ monogrammed on the sleeve. It became part of the image — along with the cowboy boots. Who has ever heard of a darkie Sri Lankan who was known for wearing fancy cowboy boots.

Anyway, Steve told me at my very first interview, that ‘of course’ he was going to hire me. And he did and we had a GREAT TIME. Steve had a degree in psychology. He was a very gifted man. I wish I had 1/1,000,000,000 of Steve’s people skills, charm and his ability to mesmerize the ladies. WOW. Anyway, on our walk back from the Italian restaurant, after he had already told me he was hiring me … and we had even picked the ITT company car that I was going to get (a Ford 2L Cortina) he said, out of the blue, and it shocked me: “you know … people are going to RESENT YOU … they will resent you here for what you are and what you are making … but people will resent you ALL YOUR LIFE”! BINGO. The part about people resenting me at work, at ITT, had to do with me being hired as a consultant … with a company car, private office and a fairly decent salary BECAUSE I was never cheap. That I could fathom. But, the part about people resenting me for the rest of my life was NEW and sheer GENIUS. Steve, as ever, was right. Thank YOU Steve, my mate. Steve is mad at me right now — because my memory alas is better than his. Yep, he also resents me. He, and I am SORRY, didn’t want to be reminded of our past. Yes, we LIVED — and did we, by heck. We were blessed. This is why, how hard I try, I just can’t wipe that silly grin off my 60 year old face. WE LIVED.

Anyway, thank YOU, Mr. Steve Kane. You are a genius and that you made billions while I struggle to survive proves, conclusively, that YOU are and were, always, GENIUS. One of the cleverest people I ever had the fortune of knowing. Thanks to YOU, Steve, I tell youngsters, and have for 30 years, that they should get their first degree in psychology — because you are living proof of what a ‘psyc’ degree can do for YOU.

I am blessed. But, so is Pope John XXIII — though soon, like in exactly 2 weeks, he will go from being BLESSED to be being SAINT.

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