Loss Of Support For Google Voice As Of May 15, 2014 Makes The OBi100 & Other OBi Products Pretty Meaningless — At Least To ME.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.Anura Guruge home network.


Anura Guruge

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obilameduck1I absolutely ADORE my OBi100 Voice Service Bridge!

It works, it works well, it works non-intrusively, it works 24/7 (provided we have power) and it works without hiccups!

What more can you expect or ask from a device? Well if they actually had any HUMAN sales or technical support it would be nice, but you can’t have it all.

I have had the OBi100 since November. It has worked like a champ.

I love the OBi-based phone network we have. Did I say that already. Sorry, old age.

Then last night I learnt, accidently, that in exactly a month I will lose my Google Voice service with the OBi100 because Google, NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY, is disabling the OEM API!

Not funny.

Oh, I should also say that I ADORE Google Voice. It has been a champ. Not a single problem. Seamless, transparent, consistent, mission-critical. Brilliant.

Google Voice and OBi100 was a MATCH made in heaven.

Now, as of May 15, that is all history.

Yes, I can have a paid VoIP account. But, that is NOT the same as FREE Google Voice.

IF I have to PAY for my VoIP, as will be the case of May 15, 2104, the beauty of the OBi, as far as I am concerned, dissipates.

Without Google Voice support the OBi100, to me, is pretty lame.

I might as well think, again, about Magicjack and a 2-line Panasonic phone system.

So this post is a heads up. Don’t BUY an OBi as of now …

Look at your other options. Without GV the OBi, to me, has NO advantages. A lame duck … a duck out of water.

>> PBX, VoicePro, alternative to OBi110. <<

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OBi notification. Click to ENLARGE.

OBi notification. Click to ENLARGE.

9 thoughts on “Loss Of Support For Google Voice As Of May 15, 2014 Makes The OBi100 & Other OBi Products Pretty Meaningless — At Least To ME.

  1. Quent Cassen

    Yes, it is unfortunate we’re losing totally free phone service. However, configuring your Obi 100 with a high-quality VOIP provider (instructions on the Obihai website) takes only a few minutes. Service costs only $3/month. You still retain the benefits of Google Voice. Check out that option before you ditch your Obi for a Magicjack.

    1. aguruge Post author

      Thank YOU. I saw the two $3 options — but that is for 300 minutes a month, i.e., 10 minutes a day. A far cry from what I got used to with Google Voice. So it would be like being back with a cell plan. I don’t mind paying $100/year for unlimited — so I don’t have to worry about ‘overage’. Yes, I also saw the $9/month plan — but that is for 1,000 minutes/month. That could work. I am just bummed. I guess I didn’t do enough research. GV told the world in October 2013 that they were ditching support. I bought OBi110 in November. I am looking at other options. Kind of have a bad taste in the mouth with the OBi now. I paid $49. Got 6 months great use. So $8.xx a month. So I can afford to ditch it. Just want others to know. Thanks. Cheers, Anura

      1. Quent Cassen

        Thanks, Anura. You are absolutely correct with regard to the metered minutes. I should point out that incoming minutes are unlimited; the limits are only on outgoing minutes. So if you average an equal number of incoming and outgoing minutes with the 1000 minute plan (actually $7/month with Anveo, one of the preferred vendors), that would translate to more than an hour of phone usage per day. One other plus: the sometimes frustrating delay I occasionally had with the free GV is no longer present. Cheers, Quent

      2. aguruge Post author

        Thank YOU, Quent. Very helpful. I have a POTS! So my incoming come on that. I only use VoIP for outgoing. So incoming minutes matter not to me. Have you already switched to Anveo? Only heard of them last night. I never had any delays or echo with GV. Are you associated with OBi or Anveo. I see you have quite the engineering background. I MIGHT need your expertise to switch to Anveo — given that OBi does appear to have folded their tent and gone away. I tried both 408-890-6000 and 408-634-5904. Voice mail. From what I can see MajicJack gives me unlimited minutes for 1/2 the price. I had MJ before — the old one that needed a PC. My problem is having two LINES. Two line phone systems are EXPENSIVE. Any ideas on that. Thanks. Cheers, Anura

      3. Quent Cassen

        More good info, and I see where you are coming from, Anura. No association here with Obihai or Anveo. Just a long time GV user with an Obihai. I have a feeling the folks at Obihai are pretty busy, now that it’s less than a month before the May 14 date. MajicJack may be a good solution for you, but if you want to experiment with Anveo or PhonePower, the other VOIP “approved” service provider, I’ll be glad to assist. ObiTALK has made it quite easy to configure your Obi for Anveo or PhonePower from your ObiTALK web page. It walks you through the setup. Let me know if I might be able to help. Regards, Quent

      4. aguruge Post author

        Quent, glad we met. This is great. What OBi do you have. I have the OBi110 — the one that bridges POTS with VoIP. What would be great is IF the OBi would accept MJ as the Internet connection, i.e., putting a MJ+ between the OBi and the router. Just realized that my LinkSys RE-1000 range extender has died! Need to try and fix that tomorrow. Only use it to drive TV-box (from Canada) to watch cricket. Will be in touch. Many thanks. All the best. Anura

  2. Karla Magee

    I agree; I’m so disappointed to lose my home phone service. I didn’t have a “landline” before the OBi and Google Voice, and I’m not going to go with a third party. I would pay Google a bit if they allowed the service to continue as it is. I hope the rest of Google Voice, meaning the numbers and having them ring multiple cell phones, continues. I also love the control of the Google Voice website. It would be a real pain to lose my main number altogether, and have to give out an actual cell phone number.

    1. aguruge Post author

      Hi. We are in the same boat. I would pay MagicJack prices, ~$8/month, for unlimited Google Voice. I have only really used GV, transparently, through OBi. Though we have a number of laptops and pads in the house, I really only use desktops sans cameras and microphones. So I have never used GV from a computer other than to send 6 text messages over 6 months to a friend who only does text. I have text disabled on our cell phones! Don’t need that distraction. Neat to be able to send text from a PC via GV. I need to look at the ethicality and legality of what GV has done.
      Are you related to Rick Magee of IBM? I knew him well. I used to joke that it was I who made him famous — which I did.
      All the best. Keep in touch. Cheers, Anura

      1. exposedfakemasters

        to anyone that sees this post i also woke up with no service today but u can still use it on ur pc thru gmail so those of us that use this at home and have a pc are not effected hahahahha

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