Cisco Linksys (Belkin) Sales & Support At 877-959-7467: Not Just Duplicitous, Brain Dead As Well. Wow. Impressive.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013. .. ... .. … .
Anura Guruge

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I haven’t really worked out how or why but my posts somehow tend to get noticed on the Web.

I posted my rant about being lied to and scammed by Linksys around 5pm on Thursday.

Just past 8pm, just as I was getting ready for dinner, the phone rang. I answered it. It was a lady that sounded oriental.  [No, she was not Indian.]

Identified herself as being from Linksys support! Wow. Told me that she had had a call from her Social Media folks who had told her to call me. I was impressed.

Appears that they were trying to contact me on Twitter too.

Tweets from Linksys. Click to ENLARGE.

Tweets from Linksys. Click to ENLARGE.

Well, I was patient. I gave her my order number. She found the order. She found the charge for $19.99.

I even explained that I did NOT want all of the $19.99 refunded. Explained, talking very slowly, that ALL I wanted was $14.99 — and that I was happy to pay the $5 as I had been led to believe.

She put me on hold! That was the third time that these clowns had put me on hold re. this refund. My call earlier in the day having been put on hold TWICE.

She comes back and then gives me the same spiel that I had had earlier in the day!

MjAxNC04NzQwMDllMDhiN2Y3NGVmBasically that she can’t give me the refund!

I hate to say bad things about women. I like to give them the benefit of the doubt. Much happier to call men stupid. I am, however, forced to make an exception in this case. This woman was BEYOND THE PALE. She, bless her soul, had no clue. Could not get her to understand that the issue was that I had been told, TWICE (possibly three times), ON A RECORDED LINE, that the support was $5.

So the issue was that I was lied to. She was going to put me on hold again.

No, I wasn’t going to go through that dance again. For a start I wanted to eat. I told her to listen to the bloody tape.

Isn’t that why these calls are taped. Possibly that they say they tape BUT they don’t really. That would be ironic. All I want is for a Linksys VP to listen to the tape. They can even keep their ill begotten $17.99. If they are that desperate take it. I will get it back at the other end as a Cisco shareholder. I think they owe me a order of magnitude more right now in dividends. I think next Friday.

But, I have had it with Linksys. I was for 15 years a D-Linkman. We pioneered home Wi-Fi together c. 2001. I liked D-Link. D-Link never lied to me. I only went with Linksys because TDS recommended Linksys over D-Link. I bought the Linksys RE-2000, over the phone, without reading any of the Amazon reviews. It is pretty badly slammed on Amazon. So looks like I am in for more ‘fun’. Damn. I took a sledgehammer to my Linksys this evening! Yes, I have pictures. I will post.

Tomorrow (actually today since it is past midnight) I am going to do two things. I am going to e-mail John Chambers. He will remember me! All I will have to say is ‘Nashoba Networks‘ and he will go pale! Maybe I shouldn’t complain. What is $14.99 compared to the $100 million John payed for Nashoba. Maybe this is payback. I am laughing. Well we had fun. I am, however, going to report this to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). I have had great luck with them, e.g., DirecTV outfit that lied to me.

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