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Malaysian Airlines MH370: Why Is Malaysian (Poorly) Acting Transport Minister, Today, Asking, Again, For Prayer? Is God That Callous?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.bbc-graphic-black-box


by Anura Guruge

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Click to access original coverage from 'The Straits Times'. Google for more. Check CNS.

Click to access original coverage from ‘The Straits Times’. Google for more. Check CNS.

Why is this clown, Hishammuddin Hussein, the ACTING (and at that he is really a pitiful one) Transport Minister for Malaysia, today, yet again calling for prayers to help find the Malaysian Air MH370.

The NEED for prayer always confounds me and even more so in the context of tragedies like this or the inane South Korean ferry disaster.

First of all, coming from him, who is he expecting people to pray to?

I have seen Malaysians praying in Buddhist temples. That cracks me up. You can’t, at least if you know your Buddhism (as I do), pray to Buddha. You pray to Buddha because by his own definition he no longer exists — he has reached the state of nirvana. That means he has ceased to exist. In my book you can’t pray to a person or thing that doesn’t exist. Excuse me if I am harsh, but that seems kind of dumb — praying to somebody who has clearly stated “I will be no more”!

But in the case of this ‘Hussein’ he must be praying to the Abrahamic God.

But what is the implication. God, by now, 43 or 44 days (whatever), must know what happened.

Why do YOU have to PRAY for God to intercede at this stage?

Catholics tell me all the time that God does not interfere with Man’s free will. But they still pray.

To me prayer is disrespectful to God! God, by definition, is omnipotent.

You don’t need to pray. God already knows! Trust me on this. God already knows.

So, I would like some clarification from this Malaysian gasbag as to why he is talking about prayer.

Plus nobody is going to believe his hand gestures. Yea. That BIG? What? Your stupidity. No. No. It is much bigger. Stretch out your hands all the way so that they touch each other around your back … and then you can say: ‘that is how stupid I am’.


I asked this weeks ago, I will ask it again:

Can you find wreckage of MH370 off Australia
IF there is no wreckage there, because that is NOT where the plane is?

VoicePro VP412 (From Stok.com) With NetTALK My Ideal Solution For Replacing Lameduck OBi110 — Other Than Cost.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Click to access "Stok.com" and their excellent product and technical description of the TCL VoicePro VP412 Automated Phone System.

Click to access “Stok.com” and their excellent product and technical description of the TCL VoicePro VP412 Automated Phone System.

As I have explained before, carefully, I have a very specific need — but it is EXACTLY what the OBi110 was designed to address. I want a home phone system with one POTS line and one unlimited calls VoIP ‘line’. OBi110 with Google Voice gave me exactly, 100%, what I wanted, and once I got it setup with Google Voice as my primary outbound, the whole system worked flawlessly. Totally transparent. Nary a problem. It was really too good to be true and as such, I knew (as is my luck), that it would one day come crashing down. Didn’t realize that that ‘one day’ would be this soon — i.e., May 15, 2014!

As I explained in these comments what I really would like is unlimited calling as I had with Google Voice or what I can get with MagicJack or as I found out yesterday, NetTalk.

Since they are always listed first, I assume because their name starts with an ‘A’, I first looked at the Anveo. They didn’t offer an unlimited call option. I have since discovered that PhonePower does for $60/month.

But this whole Google Voice debacle has left a bad taste in my mouth. I do NOT want to be held hostage by OBi.

So I started looking for alternatives that I could use with MagicJack.

So I started Googling for “two phone lines on 1 line phone system“, “two phone line bonding“, “two phone line bridging“. I was having zero luck. Lots of bogus entries for line splitters BUT I knew that I couldn’t just splice the two lines together!

Now red face time. I worked for ITT and Northern Telecom BUT I had totally forgotten PBXs — but that is understandable. I never worked on PBXs and like all good data folks we looked at PBXs with disdain. But, yesterday morning, in the shower, my second best place for inspiration (next to my near daily runs) it came to me in a blinding flash. I need a small PBX.

Started on eBay! Where else?

Found the VoicePro VP412. But, wasn’t going to buy it from eBay. Wanted to buy new from a dealer.

I LUCKED OUT. First Google brought up “Stok.com“. It even had a NY phone number. Called. Somebody answered! Miracles never cease — maybe because it is Easter. It was Glenn Stok no less. Very nice person. Hugely knowledgeable and very helpful. Kudos, kudos, kudos. 

Told me upfront that he wasn’t sure whether it would work with MagicJack. Maybe with MJ+. Said it would work with NetTalk. Told me how it would work.

The ONLY issues is cost. Not cheap — though relative. VoicePro VP214 + NetTalk (unlimited — for a year) will come in close to $350. Yikes. Wife will kill me! Will be cutting my nose to spite my face.

But, I want you all to know of the VoicePro VP412, i.e., PBX option, and Stok.com.

Thanks Glenn.

P.S., Glenn Stok is an author and as such I want to give him a plug too.

Second Best Ever Easter Joke. [This One Is Irreverent.]

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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<< Warning: This one is sacrilegious. Sorry. >>

It is Black Friday. Jesus has been Crucified, under a sign that says ‘King of the Jews’, by the Romans at the prodding of some factions of the Jewish leadership in Jerusalem.

He has been on the Cross for some time. Some of his disciples are gathered around, in great distress, at the foot of the Cross. They are mortified. It is getting late in the afternoon. Despite the thick cloud cover it is hot. Jesus has not said uttered any sounds, let alone speak, in a long time. Everybody, bar the Romans, are worried that the end is nigh.

Suddenly they hear Jesus call out: “Peter, Peter, I want to tell you something”.

The disciples are galvanized. Peter, of course, is the Prince of the Apostles. It was on ‘his rock’ that Jesus wants his Church to be built. They all realize that this has to be very significant. Jesus is about to share something very important with Peter — and thus with the world.

Peter responds: “Yes my Lord. Yes, my Lord. I am here”.

Jesus, in obvious pain, whispers: “Peter, Peter, come up here. I want to show you something”.

The disciples are in awe. This they know will be a turning point. They start to lift up Peter, very carefully so as not to hurt Jesus — on the Cross.

They get him up at the back, and he clamours up using the footrest the Romans had provided for Jesus’ feet.

Peter manages to draw level with Jesus, from the back of the cross. Disciples are supporting him from below and keeping him steady.

Peter says: “I am here, My Lord. I am here”.

Jesus whispers: “Look Peter. Look Peter. I can see your house from here”.

<< boom. boom. >>

I know it is is bad and historically grossly inaccurate. You know that … right? St. Peter (#1) was not one of those at the Cruxifiction. But, remember, this is JOKE.


One & Only Google Doodle For Easter.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


.by Anura Guruge

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This is the only one I can find under ‘Easter’ or ‘Good Friday’
and it is from 2000!

I know they try not to do too many overt religion related doodles.
They don’t do Christmas per se. Instead they do ‘Happy Holidays‘.

Last year, if you remember, they did Cesar Chavez’s Doodle
— and got into hot water!

Click to access Google Doodle original at the Google Doodle Archives.

Click to access Google Doodle original at the Google Doodle Archives.