Malaysian Airlines MH370: Have You Noticed How Australia Always Comes Up With A BOGUS ‘Item Of Interest’ To RETAIN Suspense.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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This is the most Worldwide publicity Australia has ever had
and ever will.

They are acutely aware of that. This is great for their PR.

Four years ago, I found out from my pope-related work, that many Americans
didn’t know the difference between Australia and Austria.

Now blanket coverage on CNN — 21×7.

So they are concocting BOGUS stuff to retain interest and spotlight.

First debris here there and everywhere.

Not one piece was bona fide.

Then bogus PINGS …
that were later discarded.

Then oil slick.

Then yesterday’s ‘item of interest’!

Had a fiberglass coating?

When have YOU seen an aircraft metal piece with




I asked a couple of days ago.

I will ask again.

Other than the FREE publicity
who are the Australians covering up for?


Aussies are bowling underarm again.
(Here is a link. It is NOT cricket.)

Underarm ... underhand ... all the same when you have CNN giving you blanket coverage.

Underarm … underhand … all the same when you have CNN giving you blanket coverage.

P.S., We Sri Lankans are very fond of the Australians.


Ask Muralitharan. He will tell you.

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