Ex-Pope Ratzinger Out Dresses Pope Francis At Today’s Dual Canonization — Bar His Old Gold Pallium Pins …

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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From the OUTSTANDING U.K. “Daily Mail” montage I referenced in an earlier post today. Click to access ‘Daily Mail’ coverage.

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Again from the “Daily Mail”. I highlighted the GOLD Pallium Pins. Click to access original pictures and coverage.

Ratziner was always vain. It was one of my pet peeves about his papacy. I bitched about it often to the chagrin of many on my ‘popes and papacy’ blog.

Well the new pope appears to agree with me. He, from day one, went for the simpler, less expensive vestments — and refused to drip gold other than for those damned GOLD, jewel encrusted Pallium Pins he inherited from the German. I have bitched about these pins for years! They are supposed to represent the rusted nails used to Crucify Jesus!

A long stretch, even for the Catholic Church, from rusted nails to jewel-encrusted gold pins — each worth in excess of U.S. $10,000!

Ditch the pins Francis!

It is unbecoming of your message of humility and awareness of the poor.

I have always said, SELL these 5 pins …
and give the money to the poor.

Well, obviously, Ratzinger did not get the e-mail from Francis about simpler lifestyles. Pity.

Do YOU think Jesus would go for the fancy, very expensive watered-silk vestments and GOLD pins?

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