Malaysian Airlines MH370: Two Australians Vacationing In New Hampshire Discover MH370 Wreckage At The Bottom Of Lake Winnipesaukee Using MagneticInverseESP.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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IMG_4224Yep, they have done it again. They have discovered MH370 wreckage.

This time it is NOT off the coast of Bangladesh. That was OLD news. This time it is in the middle of Lake Winnipesaukee — just off Wolfeboro, NH.

Amazing … again it was the indefatigable Australians!

Lets face it. Prior to MH370 what were Australian males famous for? Just three things: unsportsmanlike behavior (including betting against themselves to lose and then doing so), wooing sheep and accusing Sri Lankans of cheating. Now they are the world’s experts at locating missing Boeings — except they have yet to find one.

Give me a break!

Australians the world experts in satellite imaging and magnetic resonance technology. What have they managed to locate so far — more cuddly sheep?

I am sorry for being so sarcastic BUT it really is time that they played cricket.

Notice nothing from the U.S. It is like the U.S. does not have a single satellite or spy plane up there. It is all Australia — the NEW World Power in aerial surveillance, underwater recovery and satellite recognizance.

((Aren’t you glad I am bag to keep them all honest?))

Aussies are bowling underarm again.
(Here is a link. It is NOT cricket.)

Underarm ... underhand ... all the same when you have CNN giving you blanket coverage.

Underarm … underhand … all the same when you have CNN giving you blanket coverage.

P.S., We Sri Lankans are very fond of the Australians.


Ask Muralitharan. He will tell you.

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