TDS Telecom Outsourcing Their (Madison, WI) Call Center To Jamaica ….!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.vantds


by Anura Guruge

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Clarification Below Needs Clarification.

The clarification below, provided by a senior TDS Employee in Alton, N.H. has proved to be BOGUS!

It would appear that he was trying to protect TDS. Well ….

Some Call Center operations were indeed transferred to Jamaica — as in Bob Marley — during the Summer of 2014.

Check this October 29, 2014 that has the LATEST,
100% verified, by TDS, post


I was told, categorically, Jamaica … and we even talked about Jamaican accents. It appears that the TDS Call Center person who told me ‘Jamaica’ was either confused or was having some fun — which is fair enough given that he is, indeed, losing his job.

I talked to someone else today. It is NOT Jamaica — MAN! It is Jamaica Plains, N.Y.! Huge difference — but not to those in Madison, WI who are losing their jobs.

TDS is outsourcing to a Xerox Call Center. So not a TDS run facility per se. Well at least SOME jobs will stay in the U.S.

So, Jamaica Plains, NY not Jamaica as in Bob Marley.

Well, I was ONLY going by what I was told.

This was May 4 so it is way too late for this to be a poor April Fool’s Joke.

Outsourcing a Call Center to Jamaica!

What will they think of next … Man? TDS trucks in Rastafarian colors?

Snoop-Lion-RastaThis is beyond the pale. It is WRONG on so many different levels and fronts. I thought Call Center outsourcing was on the way OUT — meaning we were keeping these jobs here in the U.S. of A.

And Jamaica?

Don’t get me wrong. I am very fond of Jamaicans, and lets be fair, they are easy to like. Some of my favorite folks in the whole world are Jamaicans, viz. Michael HoldingJeff DujonChris Gayle, Bob Marley, Courtney WalshUsain St. Leo Bolt. And I love the accent. But, a CALL CENTER for a U.S. telecom and Internet provider. Man, pull the other one … it has balls attached.

I am bummed.

As my various TDS posts will attest, I like the TDS Call Center reps. TDS, as a corporation does NOT empower them sufficiently BUT they try to make up for it by being very, very nice. I like the folks. Good, down-to-earth mid-westerners. The gentleman that I was speaking with today, because I have suddenly lost 0.5Mbps upload bandwidth, was genuinely, and understandably so, upset that he was going to soon be out of a job. I actually felt angry. This is not right.

92983I pay TDS through the nose, without hardly complaining. The least they can do is to use that money to keep JOBS IN THE U.S.

Amazon outsources its Call Center, disastrously, to the Philippines.

Amazon’s CreateSpace (who publish my books) uses a Call Center in South Africa — that is quite competent.

Microsoft did have huge success with their Indian Call Centers — but Jamaica, thank Bob Marley, is not India.

I don’t know. American corporations of late never cease to amaze me with their callousness. Disney selling out to Siemens. Amazon outsourcing to the Philippines and South Africa. Now TDS.

Will SOMEBODY in D.C. take note.

This has to stop.

I feel bad for the good folks in Madison, WI losing their jobs. I wish them well.

P.S., One of these days when I am feeling less mad remind me to share with you my favorite Jamaican joke … It is very funny, while this sad story re. TDS is far from funny.


The IRONY! In your backyard in Jamaica — MAN.

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