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The Kidnapped Girls In Nigeria — Maybe South Africa Could Help Out.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.



by Anura Guruge

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U.K. BBC coverage. Click to access.

U.K. BBC coverage. Click to access.

Of course, something has to be done.

You can’t let depraved idiots like this baboon get away
with such blatant crimes against humanity.

Not sure what the U.S. or Obama can realistically do.

Yes, drone strikes are definitely an option.

But, I would prefer to see the use of some more potent and powerful
firepower against this baboon and his camps.

CNN, kindly and rightly, displayed a map earlier today,
showing all the places where there were active demonstrations
against this atrocity.
Happened to see multiple ‘stars’ in South Africa.

Got me thinking. There was a time, during the ‘transition’,
when they had formidable defense force.
Have to believe that at least some of that is still intact.

Geographically they are well placed to go and
knock some sense into these idiots.

Yes, I understand the diplomatic repercussions,
but I am sure that waivers could be obtained to
permit an air raid.

 So that is what Obama should be thinking.

Get South Africa to help.
They are the closest friendly, trustworthy and competent
force around there.

I am sure Nelson would have agreed.

South African forces from yesteryears.

South African forces from yesteryears.

What Does Disney Do With ALL The Fingerprint Data It Collects Daily From All Park Visitors?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013...


Anura Guruge

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As soon as I heard that my ‘FastPass‘ to Disney contained an RFID tag I knew, given that I know the technology, that Disney would be keeping very close tabs of me while I was in Orlando.

But, I was NOT prepared, because I had never heard about it, that we would have to provide FINGERPRINT data in order to enter the parks! I was gobsmacked!

As a Green Holder I had abrogated my privacy rights decades ago. The Feds have fresh fingerprints of all 10 of my digits and closeups of my right ear — the ear supposedly even more unique than fingerprints. So I don’t have a problem with folks taking my fingerprints. They already have them. Ditto for the kids. We have had them voluntarily fingerprinted as part of a safeguard the kids ID program. I think it was run by the police. Deanna (like I) has also been fingerprinted because she has volunteered in the school system. So, they have all our fingerprints. 

But, I was just AMAZED that nobody appeared to complain. Nobody seemed to care. They were just giving Disney their fingerprints as if that was the most natural thing in the world to do. I am surprised that Europeans, typically used to a higher degree of privacy, were not complaining. IF I had come to Disney from the U.K. and they wanted my fingerprint I would have told them, in no uncertain terms, as to what they could do with THEIR finger. 

Wow. There was all that fuss about the supposed biometric bracelet that was allegedly tied to Common Core. But, nobody is up in arms about Disney.

Click for incisive article on Disney fingerprinting by my all time favorite newspaper the U.K. 'Daily Mail'.

Click for incisive article on Disney fingerprinting by my all time favorite newspaper the U.K. ‘Daily Mail’.

Let me be fair and say this upfront.

I want Disney to share all this fingerprint data with FBI and Interpol!

It would be a crime NOT to exploit this invaluable data that has been voluntarily provided. I am into law and order. 

Use it. So, never mind all that fuss about NSA ‘spying’ (which didn’t bother me either because I expected them to do so), lets not waste this biometric data.

Plus, IF Disney can do this in real-time, which it obviously can, the ‘agents’ could arrest the perps while they are still in the park — using RFID (like GPS++) to zoom in on them.

Yes, it appears folks have expressed concerns on Disney’s fingerprint policy at Snopes. Here is the link.

Here is Disney’s FAQ about their privacy policies. Makes interesting reading:

Click to access original from Disney.

Click to access original from Disney.

Despite Disney selling out to Siemens at Epcot, I want to desperately believe that Disney is the epitome of an wholesome, holier-than-thou, American icon and institution. IF so it is incumbent upon them to help the Feds and Interpol make the World a better and safer place for all of us.

So, Disney, I really hope YOU are indeed sharing all that Fingerprint data with the proper authorities in REAL TIME. Thank YOU for doing so.

I am even more broke than normal after the trip to Disney, but I have made a resolution. I am going to start buying Disney stock as soon as I can scrape together some shekels. I did own some Disney when they purchased Pixar — I having been a Pixar investor for years. Once I am a Disney stockholder I plan, as will be MY RIGHT, to attend the annual shareholder meetings. I will, with help from my ‘buddies’ at Fidelity, do the right paperwork. I hear that theses meetings, as they should be, are fun. I even plan to stand up and ask questions. Yes, I will submit the questions beforehand as would be expected of me. The first question will be about Siemens. So stay tuned. Better still, send me some shekels to buy some Disney stock. I think they are announcing results today. So stock price could be going up or down. I hope it goes up. I like Disney. I just need to make sure that Disney upholds all that is good and proper about being American.

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As a kid I used to dress up for parties as the Mad Hatter. Obvious choice for me.