I Like & Even Admire Pope Paul VI (#263) But I Think His Beatification Is Being Unnecessarily Rushed.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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462px-Pope_Paul_VI_portraitI think the current, unbecoming, haste to venerate recent popes is definitely getting out of hand. Though most people were more than glad to see John Paul II (#265) canonized on April 27, 2014, enough people did figuratively raise their eyebrows as to the haste at which it had been done. Being canonized within 9 years of one death, not as a martyr, does seems a tad rushed. it definitely detracts from the mystique and some of the awe that should surround these venerations.

I like Paul VI (#263). He completed the work started by my favorite pope, St. John XXIII (#262). I also admire his fortitude, acumen, courage and his fairness. But, I cannot also escape from thinking that he was a very tormented and torn individual that fought an internal battle with many demons. I think the ‘Devils Advocate’, in his cause, could have a field day.

I think we should allow more time for history to determine Paul VI’s role in the Church (and the World) before rushing ahead and beatifying him so ‘quickly’.

Just seems we are devaluing what is an ancient and once haloed tradition. It used to take centuries, if not longer, for a person to become blessed or be a Saint. Now we are expediting the whole process.

Just doesn’t seem right.

Well, that is what I feel.

Paul VI

Pope landing at New York at J.F.K. (Idlewild until 1963) airport. The gentleman directly behind the pope, methinks, is the iconic, Burmese, U. Thant, third Secretary-General of the United Nations (1961 – 1971).

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